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About Dale and Gwen
About Dale & Gwen ... serious bicycling while RVing full time
  Gwen's Blog
The Adventure
Gwen's Blog.    
  Oregon Coast, December 2005  
  Gold Beach, Oregon,
February, 2005
  Klamath River Resort,
March, 2005
  North Umpqua River,
February, 2005
  Spring Escapade, 2006  
  Thanksgiving, 2006  
  RV Arizona, 2006  
  RV Arizona, 2007  
  RV Arizona, 2008-09.  
  Winter in the Applegate,
Winter 2007
  Fulltime RV Experiment 2005  
  Spring Escapade, 2007  
  Silver Falls State Park  

2006 Escapees Montague
Balloon Rally

  2007 Escapees Montague
Balloon Rally
  2008 Escapees Montague Balloon Rally  
  2008: Winter Storm Visit to Howard Prairie Lake Resort  
  Southeastern Oregon Boondocking, 2009  
  A time on the American River  
  Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway  
  Hat Creek, California  
  Box R Ranch  
  Alfred Loeb State Park  
  Howard Prairie 2005  
  Howard Prairie 2006  
  Howard Prairie 2007  
  Howard Prairie 2008  
  Howard Prairie 2009  
  Mid-West Adverture, 2011  
  Lodi Care Giving, 2011  
  Dale's Official Retirement Document  

Gwen's Version

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  Morgan's Version
        RV Dog Bath
        Buck Prairie Meadow
        ---Cool Pooch Water Bottle
  Annie's Version
        Visual Treats
  Adventure Stories
        Finding George
        Morgan's Mountain Biking
        Meeting a Bear
        Launching the C'estsibon
        ... Marina 8 second video
        Jackson's Visit
        Beauty Salon (for dogs)
        Storm Over the Lake
        Passing Mt. Shasta
        Mt. Bike Replacement
        Our Own Sailboat
        Dale's Parents Visit in July
        GNA RV Rally
        Hike Old Baldy
        Ride to the top of Table Mountain
        Tuesday Routine
        In Search of Lava
        Pepper is in the Water
        Ben and Kim Graduate
        The Four Agreements
        Portland Spirit
        Kaia the City Dog
        Sunset over Ashland
        Bike Around the Lake
        Sundial Bridge
        KOTR RV Rally
        XC Ski in search of Buck Prairie
        2006 Preparation
        Morgan leads a hike to Big Spring
        Alarm/Weather Station
        Rachet Knob
        Cool Pooch Water Bottle
        Trekking Poles
        Cell Phone Antenna
        RV Vacuum
  Outdoor Activities
    Special Days
        Memorial Day 2005
        Father's Day 2005
        BB $5000 Trout Derby
        Howard Prairie Regatta
        Labor Day 2005
        Approaching Katrina
        ...Are you Ready?
        Oregon Governor Visits
        A Pennsylvania Wedding

StoryCorps Visits Medford

        Last Day of the Season
        My Mother's 80th Birthday
    Midterm Evaluation
    Final Evaluation
  Fulltime RV Resort Camping 2006  
    Work'n While RV'n
    Spring Escapade, 2006
    Commute, 2006
    Visitor's 2006
      Mother's Day, 2006
    Adventure away from the RV
    Howard Prairie Workampers and Staff
    Report of Near Disaster
    Klamath and Western Railroad
    Grandkids, 2006
    Gwen's Digital Scrapbook Assignments
    Thanksgiving, 2006
  Fulltime RV Resort Camping 2007  
    How did we give up our stuff for RV living?
    What do you do on a snowday?
    Building a new office
Learning to be
Full Time RV
  Feeling secure when living full time in your RV  
  Boondock: water supply  
  Boondock: Clothes washing  
  Boondock: Flushing the blackwater holding tank  
How to buy or
sell an RV
  Research for buying and selling
an RV online
  Update for buying or selling an RV  
Our RV Repairs    
  Pressure Relief Valve  
  Roof Maintenance  
  Roof Repair  
  Bedroom Lamp Remodel  
  Cabinet Door Modification  
  Headboard Re-cover  
  Holding Tank Maintenance  
  Safety Grab Bar  
  TV Removal  
  Create a computer workstation  
  Anode Replacement  
  Pocket Door Repair  
  Main Slide-Brake Repair  
  Removing Ceiling Stains  
  Awning Repair  
  Re-Seal a window  
  Remove window mold and keep from returning  
  Replace Stereo with Home Theater  
  Add a deck to the RV  
  Assist Handle Repair  
  Tank Vent Cover Replacement  
  Find a foul odor  
  Seal large gaps leading to holding tanks.  
  Repair a holding tank  
  Clean a heater vent  
  Replace RV batteries  
  30 amp RV Plug Replacement  
  Install Shrink to fit Window Film  
  Replace a shower drip tray  
  Simple but costly furnace repair  
  Danger: Know the age of your tires.  
  The RV Battery Charging Puzzle  
  Make the RV steps visible  
  Sterilizing/flushing the freshwater holding tank  
  Easy refrigerator repair  
  Annual repair to Magic Chef Stove  
  Replace a worn slide gear  
  Replace a RV holding tank valve  
  Great source of 12 volt bulbs  
  Awning Repair (motor assembly replacement)  
  Re-upholster the "theater seats"  
  Repair to a wheel well after a blowout.  
  Suspension/Shackle repair - replacement  
  Flush the hot water tank  
  Replace the cord in day/night shade  
  Why the purchase of a "bumper-pull" trailer is a mistake  
  Replace the "waist ball seal" on a Thetford toilet.  
RV Accessories    
  Kingpin Stabilizer  
  Wheel Chocks  
  Roof-vent Rain Cover  
  Stabilizer/Landing Gear Blocks  
  Landing Platform  
  Vent Cushions  
  Camper Lights  
  Create a Computer Workstation  
  Add a moveable keyboard tray  
  Hughes Autoformer  
  Exploring Satellite Internet  
  Indoor-Outdoor Temperature  
  Preparing for Satellite Internet  
  Support the RV Sewer Hose  
  Installation of Satellite Internet  
  Rear Stabilizer Jack Braces  
  Skylight Snare-Drum Damping  
  RV Cell Phone Antenna  
  Tank Vent Cover Replacement  
  AC Volt Meter  
  Perfect RV Laundry Bag  
  Great RV Drink Holder  
  RV Repair and Maintenance Manual  
  Satellite TV  
  Air Compressor  
  Grab handles for the entry door  
  Add a basement cat-door  
  Adding a 12 volt dimmer switch  
  Computer workstation from an entertainment center  
  Add an electrical circuit  
  Stabilizer rods for landing gear  
  Install the ShurFlo vent fan  
  Stabilizer rods for rear jacks  
  Tire pressure monitor system (TPMS)  
  RV shock absorbers for a fifth wheel  
  Leveling Blocks  
  Installation of a catalytic heater  
  2" Receiver Adder to pin box  
  Inventive Clothes Line  
  LED interior RV lighting  
  Bicycle bag for protection  
  Install a propane radiant heater  
  Fifthwheel pin lock  
  Choosing and installing RV solar power  
  Why two inverters?  
  Flip the trailer axles  
  Weather station installed  
  2011 Weather station replacement  
  Matching pin to hitch when connecting up the fifth wheel  
  The very best way to clean RV carpets.  
  Steps into the trailer  
  Installing a satellite radio antenna into an RV  
  Installing an RV washer/dryer  
Changes to the
Tow Vehicle
  Rear Pickup Window Tinting  
  Louvered Fifth Wheel Tailgate  
  Install Air Helper Springs  
  Big Blue gets a Nail  
  Repair Truck/Trailer Connector  
  Replace a headlamp bulb  
  Front end damage repair  
  Install a front 2" receiver  
  Front Kayak rack experiment  
  Replacement shocks  
  New Stereo System for Big Blue  
  Installation of a Transfer Flow Toolbox/fuel tank  
Cameo Purchase
Spring, 2007
  Taking Delivery  
  Warranty Repairs  
  Changes to the Cameo  
  Annual Reports  
RV Friends    
  Meeting a Photographer    
Oil/Diesel Experiment  
National Propane Prices  
Happenings in Southern Oregon    
Sell the House    
What's wrong with "tolerating" others?    
Workamper Research    
Love to Shop
What's an eBook?    
RV Stuff    
Links to Online Shopping    
RV Entertainment and Games
Links to RV Entertainment    
What's New
What's New    
  Hosting an RV Web site  
Cool Links for RVers
  National Weather Radar  
  Set up your own emergency weather email alert  
  Overnight parking Code of Conduct when parking on private business parking lots.  
  BLM National Directory  
  National Forest Maps  
  National Forest by State  
  Casino Camping  
  Free Campsites  
  Dispersed Camping  
  Forest Camping  
  Public Lands  
  Directory to Boondocking BLOGS  
  US 395 Free Camping  
  Boondock Guide  
  List 400+ WalMarts not allowing overnight parking  
  Arizona State Trust Land Recreation Permits  
  Great Guides to Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Texas Boondocking  
  Southern Oregon Dispersed Camping  
  Southeastern Oregon Dispersed Camping  
  Arizona Scenic Roads  
  America's Byways  
  Corp of Engineers Lake Directory  
  Campground directory  
  Wheelers RV & Camping guide  
  User Rated Campground directory  
  RoadNotes Camping Directory  
  Colorado RV Parks  
  Short trip video clips including National Parks & campgrounds  
  Satelite Friendly Campground Directory (12,000+)  
  John Day River Basic Oregon Camping Directory  
Trail Maps    
  Washington State free downloadable trailmaps  
Dump Sites    
  RV Dump Stations  
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