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Pepper is Back in the Water


Friday, August 12, 2005, Pepper was put back into the water during a visit from our friend, Alice. Pepper has been sitting just waiting to get her keel wet again. This time, it went much quicker and smoother than the first time.

This adventure began with very little wind and both Gwen and Alice were beginning to wonder what was so great about sailing. Indeed, we had time to relax and have a snack or two while we bobbed in the

Gwen enjoying the wind and the bow of Pepper
Click to see What's New at RVeCafe Alice wonders if the Pepper is going to sink
  Pepper is on a buoy at dusk

lake. Then the wind began to pick up and Gwen decided it was time to see what the lake looked like from the bow (top photo). Notice the horizon line in the top two photos. As the day progressed, Pepper began to heel over pretty well as her sails caught the wind. In the second photo, I'm at the tiller while Alice, who has not sailed before, was beginning to wonder if Pepper was going to sink. You'll see what I mean if you put your mouse pointer on the photo above.

I tried the bring Pepper to the dock under sail (jib only) however, after a couple of tries I just could get her to the dock against the wind so sailed back out of the harbor, put the motor into the water and motored to the dock.

This time, Pepper gets to stay in the water on her own buoy. That will make it much easier the next time we have friends who want to sail the lake.

  August 27, 2005: I'm adding this view of Pepper on her buoy in the moon light. For photographers, this was a 10 second exposure. You can see a much larger view as a background image in The Four Agreements, although that view does not have the moon showing in the image. Moonlit view of Pepper on a buoy
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