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Recreational Vehicle Voltage Booster

Click to see What's New at RVeCafe The one main accessory I purchased at the 2005 Great North American RV Rally was the Hughes Autoformer voltage booster. Since day-one of living in our RV at Howard Prairie Lake Resort we have had fluctuating voltage. It fluctuates from about 104 to 115 volts. We first noticed this when a message appeared on our refrigerator panel showing: "Lo - AC". I looked up the meaning of the message in the manual and learned that it meant low voltage and automatically turns the refrigerator off. We switched the refrigerator to LP and did not worry about low voltage to the water heater or room heaters. Another resort Autoformer is 12" high and weighs 26 lbs
  When orange light glows, indicates park power, red light indicates boost active. staff person showed us his Hughes Autoformer and that was my first introduction to what this unit does. The "sense circuit" automatically turns on the boost when the park voltage is less than 117 volts and turn off when the voltage reaches 118. It gives a 10% boost, spike and surge protection and is weather proof. Needless to say, the boost is on most of the time. The orange light glows to show park power and the red light glows when the boost is active. We have been able to switch our refrigerator back to AC and not worry our other appliances when the park voltage is low.
  The Hughes 30 Amp Autoformer and 50 Amp Autoformer will help to avoid brownout damage by boosting the park voltage to your RV. 30 amp Autoformer has increased capacity to 3600 watts, while the 50 amp Autoformer has increased capacity to 12,000 watts with a fully automatic 10% boost when needed. Internal transformer increases volts and lowers amps, while sophisticated circuitry monitors power levels and boosts if power is less than 117 volts. Includes park power diagnostic light, as well as boost indicater light, spike and surge protection and polarity and ground test functions. Weatherproof. Made in the USA.
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