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Gwen and I had an experience the Friday night before the Memorial Day weekend of watching a thunderstorm build over Howard Prairie Lake Resort where we are experimenting with fulltime RV living. I set up my camera on a tripod and took night photos of the dock with the sky showing the building of the storm. The five photos below are the same photo with different camera techniques. Please vote for the photo you like best. The photo of what Gwen and I actually witnessed that night is the first photo, the rest are what was seen by the camera with different effect settings. Simply click on the "VOTE" next to the photo you like best. You will be sending me an email with the number of the photo you like best. No need to type anything into the email because the subject of your email will tell me which photo you like. I will tally the votes and announce the outcome on July 28, 2005. Thanks for voting. Don't worry, I'm not collecting your email address and your address will NOT be shared with anyone. (I will send you a thank you note for your vote just so you know I got it.)
This is just for FUN!

July 28, 2005: The voting has ended. Here are the results:

Photo #1 = 23%
Photo #2 = 35%
Photo #3 = 27%
Photo #4 = 0%
Photo #5 = 15%

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