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I Believe in Fresh Water
No More "Mud Puddle Water"
by Morgan

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  I'm now a believer in fresh water! No more mud puddle water for this RV dog. Dale discovered a wonderful new gadget so I stay hydrated while we hike or mountain bike ride. I don't have to walk or run very far on a warm day before I'm beginning to think about my next drink of water. In May, I could find mud puddles around where I would get a drink but that was really bad tasting water. Now he gives me fresh water from my own water bottle.
This is a great bottle for the both of us. First, Dale can carry the bottle on his mountain bike. Second, it does not leak but seals tight. In fact, once the water is in the bottle, you never have to take the top off until you want to refill. Dale just sqeezes the Easy carry on a bike
  Fresh water any time I need it. bottle while pointing the plastic tube into my little red bowl. Water fills the bowl for me to drink. If we are on a hike and Dale only wants to carry one bottle, he can drink from the tube because my water never mixes with the water in the bottle. I honestly don't know what the big deal is because I really think Dale, Gwen and I share spit all the time, they just don't want
120_240_1 to think about it. When Mindy (Dale's daughter) and Jackson were visiting in June, I didn't mind sharing my bottled water with Jackson and he didn't mind drinking from my red bowl. We were on an 8 mile mountain bike ride and we still had enough water for the both of us. The bottle is called a "Cool Pooch" and can be purchased from many retail pet stores but it is also easy and quick to get it online by clicking Cool Pooch Water Bottle . Jackson enjoys my water too.
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