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RV Adventure: Tuesday Routine

Green Springs Inn
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Tuesday night is always a treat. It has become routine now that we travel a short 12 miles to Green Springs Inn for their Spaghetti special. It's the best spaghetti, all you can eat with a wonderful salad for only $7.95. After working all day it is a pleasure to have someone else do the cooking and the serving. Spaghetti may not sound very special but at Green Springs, the noodles are always cooked just right and there is something special about the sauce. It's all you can eat but Gwen has never finished her first plate and I've only tried a second plate once.

Adam and Jen just purchased Green Springs Inn this year and are working hard to be sure every one is happy

Jen and Adam, owners of Green Springs Inn
  and well fed. As you can see from the top photo, the Inn has been here in the mountains for many years. It is on Oregon's Historic Route 66. This is not the Route 66 that begins in California but a historic route in southern Oregon beginning in Ashland and ending in Klamath Falls. It is a narrow mountain road with many 20 MPH hair-pin turns. In the photo below, Gwen and I plus Courtney, Gwen's Granddaughter are dining on spaghetti with Tom in the back right, Ray and Marsha.
Dining on Spagetti

  October 25, 2005: A couple of weeks ago the few working staff left at Howard Prairie Lake Resort met at Green Springs Inn for one last dinner together. I'm sitting in the back across the table from Dick and Wanda while Lucy sits next to Dick. Dan and Linda are sitting on the right side of the table with me. The spaghetti was great as usual.
  Final Party
  On the way home that night we got a treat provided by the moon over Hyatt Lake.
Moon over Hyatt Lake 
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