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Morgan gets a Tinted Window

Our full size Dodge pickup came stock with rear tinted windows in the doors but did not come with a tinted window in the rear. This is where Morgan sits, in the back seat area. She has told me several times how she would prefer to have a tinted window to keep the bright, hot sun from heating up the rear area. This will also help to keep the rear upholstery from fading. We visited Doug at Sun Scape Window Tinting in downtown Medford early Friday morning.
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Doug has been doing this for 12 years and he makes it look easy. The film is first placed on the outside to be fit and shaped to the window. He cut the shape of the window into the film by hand using only an exacto-knife and no guides. That's not something I could do. I was originally reluctant to have tint film put on this window because I've seen so many film tinted windows that have bubbles in the film and
The film must be trimmed
A heat gun is used to shrink the film to the curve of the window look awful. I was assured by my mechanic that Doug could do a great job so I made an appointment. Watching him trim then use the heat gun to shrink the film to fit the window perfectly, I knew I was going to like the finished product. When Doug moved into the cab he pointed out how careful he had to be to make sure none of Morgan's strands of hair got between the film and the window. He normally does not roll the film before applying to the window but
knew it was necessary to be sure no Morgan hair was trapped. Run your mouse over the photo to the right and you will see how Doug smoothes the film to the window. The finished tint is perfect with no bubbles or flaws. Now Morgan is happy and cool.
The film is carefully fit onto the rear window
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