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RV Pocket Door Repair

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What happens when you forget to latch the pocket door before towing your fifth wheel? In this case, it came off one of the hanging supports. At first it was not apparent how to fix this problem because the door is mounted differently than my pocket door at my house. I could not see a method to remove the door and then rehang on the track. As it turned out, the process was simple and quick.
Repair this pocket door
  Latch holds bracket to door A metal post is in the track on four rollers for smooth operation. The post slides into a horseshoe shaped bracket mounted to the door then a nylon latch swings around the stud to hold the door securely to the mechanism (secure unless the vehicle happens to be
Slide and latch
moving and the door is sliding violently back and forth). Slide you mouse over the center photo to see the latch in action. The post slides into the horseshoe bracket (above) then the nylon arm swings from left to right around the post to hold the brachet to the post and the problem is repaired.
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