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Repair Ceiling Stains

  During a recent trip along the Oregon coast I noticed a water stain building on the ceiling around the television antenna control handle. My first thought was that I had failed to replace the aging caulk around the roof portion of the antenna mount. But the weather (wind) was so bad I was unable to check it for a few days. Water stains on the ceiling
Plug the hole Once I was able to climb onto the roof without the wind blowing me into the next county I learned that I had indeed not removed and replaced the aging caulk.
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But the caulk was not the problem. Instead the rubber boot which normally fits around the coax and over the opening into the trailer roof had been blown off it's normal position and up the coax a few inches.

First I used a mixture of water and Woolite to clean the ceiling (first photo). This was recommended by a cleaning seminar I went to during the summer of '05. It worked pretty well. The next project was to permanently plug the hole in the roof mechanism. I used clear silicone caulk I think it is seriously plugged.

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