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Funky Accessory to Stop the Snare Drum

Click to see What's New at RVeCafe OK ... a low tech solution (I think) to one of the problems that need a solution. The skylight in the trailer is great except when it is raining. The skylight is only a few feet from the bed and when it's raining, or I'm parked under a tree after the rain, the skylight sounds like a snare drum. I recently broke an under-bed storage unit so I used my table saw to cut down the lid to fit over the skylight. The lid has two ribs that I used to attach pipe insulation to give Adding pipe insulation to a storage bin top
  a padded seat to the re-cycled storage lid. The idea is that the rain will hit the storage lid and not the sky light ... no more snare drum effect. This lid is very light weight so any wind will move it. I saved an empty cat-litter container to fill with water then place the litter container on the lid to be sure it doesn't blow away in the wind.
Low Tech Repair The disadvantage to my invention is that it is ugly, it's somewhat awkward to get onto the roof and even though I transport the kitty litter container empty, when full of water, it weighs 16 lbs and is difficult to hoist up the ladder with one hand. It will also block the light so must be removed when it's not raining.
The advantage is, it is light weight, easy to store and cheap so if it does happen to blow away, no big deal. Now I just need to survive the ridicule of fellow RV campers but I'll get a good night's sleep in the rain. No more drumming
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