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  Gwen's Version: Our Experiment
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  Take This Job and Have Fun
  Since Dale and I are a few years off from actually "retiring" from the work force, we went searching for a place to live like "full-time Rvers" while I worked and he continued his employment with Rogue Community College. Our search didn't produce a place or accommodations suitable for both of us. Then a business acquaintance mention a job opening requiring on-site RV living.

Sailboats on Howard Prairie Lake

My view while walking to work.

When we began this adventure, we had many requirements but our desire was to have fun. Can you call working for others fun? If you love your job, you can. I am the prep cook at the resort restaurant. I do love to cook. This job opportunity not only allowed us to try full time RV living, but I would be doing something I like and that meant fun in both venues.
  We did interview with another RV park and restaurant on the Klamath River. The job was a part time job but the rent on the space; well, to make a long story short, I would be paying to work there. Like I said, not suitable for us. I mention this because private owners may charge for your space while you work for them. And some owners won't give you a free space for the time of your employment if you only work part-time.

The Marina at Howard Prairie. It is finally floating!


Mt. McLoughlin

Mt.McLoughlin stands tall over
this meadow.

The job opening at the Resort at Howard Prairie turned out to be right up our alley!

  • We are required to live on site
  • Our space is rent free
  • I am only working part-time
  • Everyone is very friendly
  • And did you catch the picture of what I see every day on my walk to work?
  • Oh, did I mention the perks? Soft choc ice cream cones, boat rides, movies, two free meals while on shift, half off meals when off shift, and store privileges
  • Employee campfire parties
  • A small community atmosphere

How blessed I am!

I have stopped questioning myself about working during the summer so I can live at Howard Prairie. Each time this thought wiggles its way into my mind, the answer is always the same – a resounding YES! Because, what am I giving up besides going on vacation when I am on vacation! As for the work and hours, I don’t think many people want to put in a 30 to 40 hour week when they are retired. But for us “almost retiree’s” we need to work and build our funds until we can actually call ourselves “full-time RVers.” We were given a chance of a life time to accomplish a goal in our life!

This is the view from the windows where I work. Totally awesome! Do you see any office buildings? Nada! Just the occasional Bald Eagle.

  Did I say we wanted to have

on this adventure?
  The owners of the Resort at Howard Prairie have made our experience one we will always remember. They are wonderful people who know the value of their employees and it just comes naturally to them. Thanks to Jim, Judy and Chris!

Mackenzie , Howard Prairie Mascot

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