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Memorial Weekend begin with nice, sunny weather on Friday. As the weekend progressed, the weather changed and the weekend was cold and rainy. Howard Prairie Lake churned up fog so thick you couldn't see the docks from the resort. Boats that had gone out on the lake before the fog rolled in, had to wait for the Sheriff's boat and GPS to come find them and lead them back to shore.

After my shift at the restaurant on Sunday of Memorial Weekend, Dale and I walked through our campground. He was looking for photos to show you how campers showed their American Spirit. If you didn't see his collage, check out Flags on his page.

I was being his helper and pointing out different ways the flag of the USA was displayed, when I begin noticing other little do-dads people put on their RVs. Most of the serious RVers had their name carved in wood and hung outside their homes. Others displayed pet signs. Lights hanging from awings is a "biggie!" Here's some photos showing how we mark our territory, even the campgrounds we stay in.


  Hanging lights Circut Grandpa
  whirrly bird ivy
Notice the plastic ivy decorating the sign! A welcome sign painted on a wooden birdhouse calls to all who walk by. The long, whirly glass decorations hanging from the sign were purchased in our store!

Notice the little mailbox on top of this name placard?


American Flag



This is our only decoration! (so far) We need to get a wooden sign hung on this sign post. It looks empty!

Of course, we will add to our sign. Great marketing idea!



This is just a few of the decorations I have spotted in our campground. A veteran, up the way from us, placed in front of his RV a US flag on a pole. He then surrounded the flag with red, white and blue lights. From our dining room window we see flashing red, white and blue lights hanging from an RV awning to light the way in the dark.

I had a great time finding how we put our mark on this world, even on an RV!


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