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Gwen's Version: Our Adventure
Full Time RV'ers Page 4
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  There's Been A Couple of Problems!
  It's 44 days since we begin this adventure and experiment, as Dale refers to our full-time RVing! We have experienced the snow, rain for weeks on end, hail, winds, and sunshine in that time!

We have watched the lake fill from 53% of capacity to 70% within a few weeks. The amount of rain in it took to do this was incredible! So I don't need to tell you it rained pretty much every day in May.

So, I am going to express what it means to live in an RV for weeks on end with inclement weather.


Water marker for the marina
  Problem 1 The water level has made it to the 3 foot mark at the Marina by the end of May.

I am finding out that if one wants to RV full-time, one needs many interests and/or hobbies. On gloomy days when the rains set in for a spell, life can become quite dreary.

I started knitting again. I love to read. I have taken up digital scrapbooking and I can sit for hours gazing out the window and writing whatever comes to mind. I found out many years ago that I don't melt in the rain, so hiking up here is a joy, rain or shine. I found I can even get in some good photography shots with my Olympus 4000 Digital camera.

I do have to admit the gloominess became very boring, but I was determined not to let it get to me! We rejoiced when, a couple of days ago, the weather turned HOT - high 70's.

Morgan rolling in the snow

On one of those really cold and damp days, I almost joined Morgan in the snow. She loves the white stuff and has since she was a pup.

120_240_2 “Give it a test run before you actually pull up your roots to go see America.” There was one wife among us that
had had it with RV living. She
expressed herself by saying,
“This is ruining camping for me!”
So she packed up and went back
to her home in the valley.
We suspect the continual rain
had something to do with her
decision. And, not everyone is
suited for this lifestyle. I feel so
blessed by God to be able to have
this opportunity to try out the full-time
RV lifestyle before we actually sell
everything and hit the road.
I suggest to anyone contemplating
this type of lifestyle,
“Give it a test run before you actually
pull up your roots to go see America.”
  Problem 2  
  One morning, on my day off, I was standing in the kitchen fixing breakfast when I was overwhelmed with wanting a bigger space around me. I experieinced some vertigo and I said to myself, "Self, being up off the ground isn't natural." I don’t know if there is a name for this, but my inner ear balance was acting up big time. I almost decided to go home for a day to give myself a chance to regroup. I resisted the temptation and told myself this is what RVing is!So, deal! We have two slideouts, living area and bedroom adding up to 32 feet long, and this is really enough space to feel “just like a stick house” in. So what if I am 4 feet off the gound! I have since conquered this problem, thank goodness! I am here for the long-haul!

These are a couple of “workable” problems I have experienced by living full-time in an RV. Weather and the desire to be in what I know – my home. So far, we are still on a green light at Howard Prairie Resort and plan to be here through October.

If you are contemplating full-time RVing and have any questions or experiences you would like to share, I would love to communicate with you. Just click the “Email Gwen and Dale” link.

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