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Matt and Dale at an Internet Cafe
  March 26, 2007: I have been writing Web pages for about ten years. The files a Webmaster writes which will eventually become a Web page must be hosted by a Web server connected to the Internet. When I first began writing pages, I hosted those pages in the area provided by my local Internet service provider which I also used as my eMail provider. This space was usually small but free because it came as a benefit to purchasing eMail services. Virtually all eMail providers offer this benefit but most users don't know it. When the number of sites I write and the size of the files increased I began to buy space from a hosting service. Today I've switched RVeCafe to a new host, Aptus Hosting. Matt is the owner of Aptus Hosting and of Aptus Computers. I've been using Aptus Hosting for more than a year for another Web site site and enjoy working with Matt. RVeCafe has thousands of photos and hundreds of files which must be hosted on a Web server so they can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. I create these files using my own computer and several programs located on my computer but then upload the photos and files using FTP (file transfer protocol). There are times when I want to do something on my Web pages that I don't know how to do so must ask for help. Matt has always been available with the right answers and help. I can't say that about the other services I have used. If you happen to contact Matt, be sure to tell him "Dale at RVeCafe" recommended his service.

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