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Labor Day, 2005

What's happening at the resort? Pass your mouse through the photo to discover what's happening. Our King of the Road is hiding in the trees behind the other campers, trailers and cars.
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Labor Day, September 5, 2005: Gwen and I have been at the resort since April 14. The season began slowly with the resort filling for the opening weekend of fishing then quickly became empty again. Memorial Day seemed to be the actual beginning of the season. Yet there were weather challenges the week after Memorial Day when Mindy, Dale's daughter, came to visit. If you check the archive (linked from the bottom of the What's New page) for the "week of 6/12/05" we have had no precipitation of any kind since the Friday before Father's Day. So the whole summer has been full of "boring" perfect-weather days where it is cool at night but T-shirt and shorts temperatures during the day.

Labor Day seems to be the end of the busy season. I hope you have passed your mouse pointer through the photo above and discovered what is happening in the resort. The first photo was taken at about 11am while the roll-over photo was taken at 1pm. This is happening all over the park with nearly all 250 camp sites vacated. If you happen to be a full time RVer or retired, now is your chance to really enjoy this resort without the crowd. The restaurant is still open until October 15, there is plenty of water in the lake and boats to rent. All this and the weather is still perfect. I used to live at Lake Tahoe on the California - Nevada border where the best months were June, before the tourists arrived and late September - October after the tourists left. It seems to be the same case here but also seems to be a "secret" since nearly all the sites are empty.

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