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Replace an RV Tank Vent Cover

Click to see What's New at RVeCafe May 17, 2006: During our trip to Chico for the Spring Escapade, we had the pleasure of meeting Ken Wilton, President of Coiln' Wrap. Ken is probably one of the premier inventors for RV convenience products. Metal vent cover
Ken Wilton of Coil'n Wrap I purchased a whole bag full of stuff from his Coiln' Wrap booth but one of the items I liked the most is the Xtreme Vent, a holding tank vent cover which passively moves air through holding tanks to eliminate
Removing the old covers
odors and the need for chemicals. We have few odor problems anyway because we use the "Geo-Method" of keeping our black water tank Replacing the flange
Replacing the vent cover with Xtreme Vent

odorless and moving. I wanted to improve the natural happenings in the tanks so purchased the Xtreme Vent.

I installed the metal vent covers shown in the first photo the first month I owned this used

fifth wheel. It came with plastic vent covers and all were broken or missing. The metal covers were cheap and at the time I thought the best choice as replacement covers. They had to be removed, shown in the second photo. The Xtreme Vent required a new flange which I purchased from Ken. I caulked the flange to the roof and around the PVC. Mounted to the PVC vent pipe
PVC extension on the vent pipe

The Xtreme Vent fits snuggly over the PVC and is easily screwed to the vent pipe with screws provided in the package. They are designed to turn into the wind with even a slight breeze causing fresh air to move into the holding tank and out the vent due to the Venturi effect of Xtreme Vent. As Ken says, "A 1 MPH breeze creates a 4 MPH air movement in the vent pipe".

One of my vent pipes was very close to a roof vent cover. The Xtreme Vent did clear the roof vent cover but I felt Xtreme Vent

should be raised to better catch the wind. Ken provided me with a short extension, a coupler and the glue to put it all together. I then mounted Xtreme vent to the extension and liked the new height.

You might wonder why an Xtreme Vent is needed for a gray water holding tank. Ken reported that the gray water tanks can have an odor as bad or worse than the black water. I learned that putting half a gallon of vinegar in a partially full gray water tank before moving to a new location will clean out the odor and build-up of soap scum.

Mounted to the extension
All three pipes covered

I have three holding tanks which required the three Xtreme Vents you see to the left.

By the way, the air conditioner had a cover on it in Oregon but didn't in California. The one you find on the side of the freeway belongs to me.

December 3, 2006: Well, we just returned from our Thanksgiving trip and one of the vent covers is missing. This is the cover that was extended above the height of the roof vent shield (see above). It looks like the it may have broken the top part of the vent pipe. I'm going to rethink the vent cover on this tank vent. Now Interstate 5 not only has my air conditioning cover but also has one of my $40 vent covers. Missing vent cover
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