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Repair an RVAssist Handle

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The nut has come off the bolt July 20, 2006: The bolt connecting the top part of the Stomberg Carlson assist handle has come loose and no longer supports the top of the handle (here is a different sort of a RV assist handle which is probably a better idea). I did not attach the handle so didn't know how to get into the enclosed space which must have the nut and spring connecting the bolt to the handle. It appears that the housing is riveted closed and the rivets will have to be removed in some way to gain
Spiral brads need to be removed

entrance to the housing. I checked with my local RV dealer and learned that these were NOT rivets but spiral grooved brads which could be removed easily with a locking plier.

I was able to remove the short spiral grooved brads easily with a locking plier. A tap with a screwdriver and hammer on the housing opened the compartment where I found the loose spring and nut. You can see this would also be the method to gain access to the two screws attaching the unit to the trailer.

Housing opened, spring and nut located
holding the nut in place with a locking plier I reassembled the nut and spring to the bolt then locked in place using the locking plier. Using a crescent wrench, I easily tightened the bolt to the nut. spring and nut held with locking plyer

This nut is a nylon locking nut and I must wonder how it loosened. At the same time the bottom bracket also seems like it should be tightened but I've choosen not to open it unless the nut actually comes off.

In tightening this nylon locking bolt it is important that some small portion of the bolt be showing through the nut to be sure it has engaged the nylon locking portion.

The housing was replaced easily by pushing each of the four spiral grooved brads into place then tapping home.

The assist handle feels solid again.

Bolt must pass far enough into the nut to reach the nylon lock
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