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Happening in Southern Oregon
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March 6, 2006: Our Jackson County Public Library is a new building about 1 year old. One of the features of the building are the cast doors on the inside to separate parts of the building which might be open at different times of the day. This is one of the cast doors to separate the children's portion of the library. You can click the door to see a larger - detail view.
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Cast door to the Jackson County Public Library
Note: Click this image for a
larger view (177K).
Table Rock
March 7, 2006: Here is another view of Lower Table Rock mountain, a view that I see on my way back to Grants Pass each evening from Medford. You have seen these from the distance and on another day. The Lower Table Rock is the mountain to the left in the "distance" link above. This was a special gathering place for the Indians before the arrival of the "white-man". I enjoy the days when the clouds are present. Remember how I like clouds? You might also remember how we were fooled by these clouds said to be approaching Katrina. I just have to remember to watch the road and not the clouds.
March 9, 2006: I know those who live in snow country will think this is silly but this morning we awoke to "flaking". I lived in snow country for 13 years and that's what I would have called this. But I haven't seen snow in a while so this was special. Note my Internet satellite dish in the far corner of the yard.
March 10, 2006: I mentioned a while back that I shop at Winco Foods for a $2.08 sandwich for lunch. Every time I visit Winco I feel like I am entering a "third-world" country. The prices Cheap Food
seem unbelievably low, yet most of the time they sell quality products. I think their fresh vegetable section is incredible. Anyway, the other day they had these five baskets lined up with identical items in each basket. One of the baskets was purchased at Winco while the other four were purchased at completing markets. Of course Winco prices were at least 20% better and in some cases 50% better. You can click on the photo to read the signs on each basket. Winco is attempting to prove that they have the best prices, which I felt was the case all along. I do think there are housewives who avoid Winco because of the "third-world" feeling which is what the other markets are hoping. I would guess each market chain chooses the type of customer they want, then set their prices and special offers to that target market. Note that they are not comparing themselves to a Walmart Super Center. That's because the nearest Super Center is about 30 miles away. I would bet the Super Center would have similar prices.
Main Antique Mall
March 15, 2006: The Main Antique Mall is only 2 blocks from my office in downtown Medford. It advertises itself as the largest antique mall in southern Oregon. They are probably right, I don't think I know of any place with more antiques in one place. It doesn't look like much in the photo but this is only one small portion of a very large building occupied by the Antique Mall. This is one of those malls where small antique dealers(225) rent a space inside the building and the building management sells and collects the money from customers for each booth. I have spent some break time wandering the mall isles. I've been in this style of antique store before ... where there are many different booths of displays. The Main Antique Mall is different. It is very well organized with booths of similar items grouped together. But the one thing that makes this mall so impressive is how exceptionally clean it is. In other malls, the items are dirty or covered with dust, however, someone must spend lots of time dusting and cleaning in this mall. They advertise 30,000 square feet of "clutter" free display area. If you like, antiques, a fun way to spend some time.


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All buildings to be demolished
March 22, 2006: The building in the foreground is empty, so is the next building (gray and blue). My office is in the last building with the blue and white canopy. All these buildings will be demolished within the next few months to make way for a new, state-of-the-art college classroom facility. That means my office will change to another building and will not likely be as comfortable. I currently have a private office, but for the interim, I believe I will be in a small, shared space.
Windmill Museum? March 23, 2006: Does this look like a windmill museum? This is a private business in Grants Pass with it's own windmill collection. This is Gary Peterson Redimix Concrete in Grants Pass on the corner of M and Grants Pass Parkway. The contractor also has quite a collection of vintage farm and construction equipment lining the fence around the Redimix property. When the wind is blowing, the whole place seems alive.
March 24, 2006: Do you see this sign in your part of the country? After watching "The Inside Man" at the movie theater, Gwen and I took ourselves to Red Robin for dinner. It is usually a fun restaurant with a younger atmosphere. Gwen had a fish burger while I had a blue cheese burger. Yummy! Red Robin
Lunch with Uncle Norman March 27, 2006: Lunch with Uncle Norman and his friend Jeanette at the Hometown Buffet in Medford.
March 30, 2006: Southern Oregon has a geological significant land form, Pilot Rock, which was used in the 1800's as a guide to the wagon trains entering Oregon. This view was taken from the road to the Mt. Ashland Ski Park after a recent snow storm. You'll see a view of Pilot Rock on this page from the north while Morgan and I were on a mountain bike ride to the top of Table Mountain last summer. Pilot Rock from the south
Pelicans on Klamath lake April 3, 2006: Klamath Lake is only 2 hours from Grants Pass. This is where Gwen's grandchildren and daughter lives and where Gwen is visiting today. One of the birds that visits Klamath Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Oregon, are Pelicans, lots of Pelicans.
April 4, 2006: The snow level this year is 136% of normal and all the reservoir are nearly full and the snow has not started a major melt yet. This photo was taken in the Cascade mountains near Crater Lake at about the 6,500 foot level. We will be moving to Howard Prairie Lake Resort this coming Sunday. The resort is at the 4,500 foot level in the Cascades but still has a considerable amount of snow. The resort always opens to the public on April 15 and must be ready for the opening day of fishing which will happen this year on April 22. Cascade Mountains Snow
Rainey Falls April 5, 2006: West of Grants Pass along the Rogue River is a very nice hike from Graves Creek bridge west along the Rogue River. In about three miles, you will arrive at Rainey Falls which drops only about 30 - 40 feet but a lot of water goes over the falls and so do white water rafters and kayakers. This is a relatively easy hike and very scenic since you never leave sight of the Rogue River and all the wildlife along the river. Gwen and I did this hike with my sister Dorana. Dorana has always been a good hiker and very athletic. She is from Sacramento, California.
April 6, 2006: To the west of Grants Pass are the coast mountain ranges with several very active creeks this time of year. After hiking for a couple of hours into the mountains it's easy to find an area with lots of plants surrounding the fast flowing creek. It is dark in this area so it is easy to set the shutter speed to a slower setting with the camera on a tripod to blur the water as it flow past the water plants. Bear Valley
Silver Falls State Park RV space with privacy July 26, 2007: While attending a college conference at Silver Falls State Park, I was able to visit the RV parking area and hike a few of the many trails. Silver Falls State Park is located 25 miles east of Salem, the Oregon state capital. In most of the park, it is heavily wooded with slow moving streams through
the park. The RV spaces, photo above, are very private with thick tall bushes on three sides of the parking space. These spaces offer electricity and water but no sewer connection. The dump stations is about four miles from the RV camp. Rustic cabins can be rented for $35 per night. They are two room cabins with no running water or bathrooms but are heated, Seems like a rain forest
Rental Cabin Covered bridge walkway to main campground
North Falls on Silver Creek

have electricity, a small compact refrigerator and microwave oven.

There are many hiking trails which are wide and easy to follow. I was able to hike the trail along Silver Creek which passes under North Falls. It was a quick hike from North Falls to Winter Falls. Apparently Winter Falls only runs in the winter because there was only a dribble of water passing over the 130 ft. drop. North Falls is 136 feet tall. You can click the photo for a larger view.

American RV Resort in Talent Oregon
August 1, 2007: One of the questions we have before we begin traveling is the value of one of those discount RV camping clubs such as Passport America or Happy Camper. Every day I pass one of the parks on their list, American R.V. Resort in Talent, Oregon. The park brags about 63 spaces, normally sells for $26/night but with the discount membership is $13 per night. The limit is one night for the discounted price. This park is about 100 yards from Interstate 5 so not normally a park we would choose to stay. In driving through the park, I found no open spaces so not sure they would give me a $13 space even if they had one. Perhaps you can see from an enlarged view of the photo above that it does not seem a park for RVers on the move but more a park for folks with older RV's to stay at the monthly rate. It is difficult to judge from this one park if a discount membership would be attractive. Would I feel safe in this park? I'd say, about as safe as parked at Wal-Mart. The one thing I can say is I would be able to dump my holding tanks and refill my fresh water tank here. I did learn, while traveling in Northern California, I can drive into a safer looking park, ask to dump my tanks and be charged much less than $13. When it comes time to travel, I'll purchase a discount membership, they are very cheap, then decide from that experience if I will purchase a second year.
City of Rogue River Bridge over the Rogue River
August 29, 2007: This is the new city of Rogue River Bridge over the Rogue River. It has been under construction for three years. It is unusual because they actually built it in place about twenty feet from where it has ended up. After removing the old bridge, this bridge was jacked up and moved the twenty feet into it's final location. A recreation area is under construction on this side of the river on both sides and under this side of the bridge.
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