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Escapees RV Chapter Rally

Chapter 37 rally in Montegue
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September 23, 2006: Excapees RV Chapter 37 of southern Oregon and Chapter 47 of northern California are camping in Montague on the property of Dick and Doris. Dick and Doris are members of both chapters and enjoy having the campers on their ranch 3 miles from Montague, California. A total of 20 rigs are at the rally
  Everyone has a perfect view of 14, 162 foot Mt. Shasta
Food is always the center of attention at a rally
There are 20 rigs camped at the ranch for the three day rally. This weekend is a three day weekend for hot-air balloon pilots to bring their hot-air balloons to Montague. The weekend includes festivities, balloon launch My first time on a four wheeler
Make sure you are on the railroad ties

a parade, craft show and farmers market all happening in Montague. Everyone at the rally can see the balloon launch from the ranch.

Dick offered to show me how to ride a four-wheel bike. It was my first time ride a bike like this but it was easy with trails all over Dick and Doris' property. You must be careful in crossing this ditch, make sure your wheels are on the railroad ties.

Yreka Western Railroad Passengers board the trail in Yreka for a trip to Montegue
A friendly engineer
When visiting Montague on the day of the parade, the Yreka Western Railroad came into town with a train load of passengers. It was good to hear the sound of a steam train and whistle.
A balloon festival parade in Montegue
A farming town parade
Yreka High School Band
Some local clubs
Montague fire tanker with the Opera House in the background
The view from our RV camp of Montague in the distance

The parade began with the 4H Club bringing the flag into town at the head of the parade. I aways enjoy small town parades. It's as much fun to watch the local people enjoying the parade as it is watching the people in the parade. This is a rural town so it's appropriate to have tractors and trucks pulling the exhibits. The Yreka High School Band was the only band in the parade. Note the Opera House in the background of the parade. This is the building that Dick and Doris once owned and remodeled before selling.

In the photo to the left, you can see Montague in the distance from the ranch driveway. The balloons are launched from a field near Montague. This year, one of the balloons landed on Dick and Doris ranch property.

I am often asked what happens at a typical Escapees Rally. I'd say, it depends on the location of the rally, and the number of participants. Here is a link to the happenings at the Montague Balloon Fair Rally.

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