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2008: Howard Prairie Lake Resort

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Box R Ranch
August 2, 2008: We visited the Box R Ranch today to enjoy their "Country Fair". This is the lodge and office. Click the photo to see the stage coaches under the roof.
Western villiage on the ranch
A western village is on the property for us to explore. All these buildings have been moved here from their original location. This first building on the left is the Sheriff's Office and jail. Click the photo to see the jail.
A garage full of carriages
The little red school house The village also contained a little red school house. I found it interesting because it contained the same desks I remember from my school days. I attended a school from third through fifth grade very much like this except it was a two room school house rather than a single room. First through third grade in one room and fourth through sixth in the other. I don't believe there were more than forty students total for the whole school. Click the photo to see the interior of the school house.
August 3, 2008: The annual "Country Fair" at the Box R Ranch included crafts, live music, and ranch activities. We bought six raffle tickets on the quilt and petted the animals in the petting zoo. The entrance to the indoor booths are in the Great Western Hall (General Store). Entrance to indoor fair booths
Quilt raffle Animals to pet
Live music Lunch

Live music at the fair fit right in. On the right is a line up of old farm equipment for sale. They would make good yard decoration.

Gwen and I shared a chili dog for lunch. I also bought a corn-on-the-cob which was worth a dollar. Click the cafe photo above to see the menu.

Old farm tools for sale
A wagon used to re-enact pioneer travel

Blacksmith exibitOne of the exhibits is of covered wagons built about 40 years ago for a re-enactment of pioneer travel and also used for a movie. Click the wagon photo to read the signs explaining how the wagons were used.

A blacksmith was also at the Country Fair showing how useful items where made. He was making a barn hook to be installed in a barn beam and used to hang tools, harnesses and farm equipment.

Tub Spring Applegate Trail Marker
Exploring the applegate trail August 5, 2008: We searched for traces of the Applegate Trail. Tub Springs is a small Oregon State Park along the Applegate Trail. The spring water actually comes from the faucet and many in the area fill their water bottles with the water. The Applegate Trail was replaced with the Southern Oregon Wagon Road. It was marked clearly and the Applegate Trail is marked with the rails below. You can click the photo to the left to read the sign.
Applegate Trail Marker
August 8. 2008: (8/8/08) The XXIX Olympics begin with the opening ceremony in Beijing, China. The 2008 drummers were an incredible beginning to the artistic portion of this 5 hour event. The lighting of the caldron was equally impressive and the fireworks, as expected, were outstanding. Olympic Opening Drummers
Chapter 37 Rally at Howard Prairie August 9, 2008: The Escapees Chapter 37 have joined us at Howard Prairie for a Rally. We are enjoying a dinner at the restaurant with a great group of people. Kathy, in the red sweat shirt closest to the camera, mentioned that the camera makes those closer to the camera look larger at the exact moment I took the photo... hence, everyone broke into laughter. Click the photo to see a larger view.
August 10, 2008: Yes, it does seem that all rally events are centered around food. At noon we had an ice cream social with soft serve from the resort and our favorite toppings. This evening, we shared a pot luck and told stories before sitting around a campfire for more tall tales. Tomorrow, the rally is officially over and everyone will be headed home. The visiting circle
Date night at Pasta Piatti August 12, 2008: We enjoyed our date night at one of our favorite restaurants. Pasta Piatti is located in downtown Ashland, Oregon and has enjoyable outdoor seating as well at indoor. It filled up right after we arrived so it is a popular restaurant even on week nights.
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