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The Howard Prairie Regatta

Howard Prairie Regatta
Click to see What's New at RVeCafe Every year the Rogue Yacht Club uses Howard Prairie Lake as their lake for the annual regatta. This happened the last July weekend of 2005. The lake was full of sailboats and sailors. Fortunately the wind and weather was just right for tactical racing. There were boats of all sizes but most were the Ledo14 because the lake is used as regional trials for this class of boat. This wasn't something we participated in except that we volunteered to help staff the dinner line and feed these hungry sailors. We have many adventures of our own to participate in. Clouds over the Regatta Races
Regatta Race
  Hand towing the boat from the water

The above boats look like many toy boats in a pond as they jockey for best race position.

Many of these small boats are removed from the water by pulling them by hand.

The ramp is steep enough this boat requires four sailors to pull and push the boat up the ramp. Pushing the way to the top
  Ready to unload The boats are lining up to unload and wait to be pulled from the water.
  This early morning photo shows how repairs are made if a problem occurs at the top of your mast. Sometimes it's just easier to hoist a sailor to the top rather than bring the mast down for the repair. Climbing the mast
  Serving the yacht crowd I have volunteered to help the cooking crew feed all the sailors. Dick is in front cooking the tri-tip steaks while I'm cooking chicken. Dan is behind me, you can see his hat peeking from behind my head. Wanda is in the back taking the tickets and keeping order from these hungry sailors. Peter is the President of the Yacht club taking his choice of steaks.

Wanda is sorting the tickets into steak and chicken. We must make sure we have the right number of each. Note the tables behind Wanda, they were filled with more than 90 sailors eating dinner with us after the races.

Below, two sailors make a twilight sail, they just haven't had enough yet.

Wanda takes dinner tickets
Twilight sail
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