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Wheel Chocks

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(Please check below for a review and update of this product.) Sometimes it is difficult to know the sales hype from the reality. With my little Aerolite Seven I made wheel cholks using 2 x 4" studs but I was always reading the ads for tire chocks that lock between the tandem wheels on the trailer.

I finally made the purchase of these Deluxe Tire Locking Chocks from I don't know how we ever did without them. There have often been situations where

Locking wheel chocks work great
I was afraid the grade was a bit too steep for my home-built chocks. With these chocks there is no doubt that the wheels are locked and the trailer will not be moving anywhere. So I have "peace of mind" about the trailer rolling down a hill as well as helping to stop any rocking forward-backward while inside the trailer.
This rachet wrench comes with the chock I purchased two chocks, one for each side. They came with a rachet style wrench (3/4" and 7/8", you use the 3/4" side). I used to flip the little switch to tighten or loosen but soon learned that you can just flip the wrench over if the motion is in the wrong direction (duh!). I know there are several different brands, I picked the brand that was on-sale at the time and I don't see any problem with the quality so that's what I would recommend, the brand that's on sale.

May 8, 2007: I discovered last year that the BAL Deluxe Tire Locks above will NOT hold the trailer on even a slight incline. Fortunately, the trailer only slid forward a few inches but it made me very cautious of those "tire locks" and I knew they could NOT be trusted. I hesitate to call them "junk" since they will hold the trailer steady on level ground and have some use but certainly can't be trusted to hold the trailer from rolling on any incline. Today I installed the Rotochok which can be trusted and are highly rated by folks on many RV forums.

If you are interested in the above "junk", I've listed them for $1 for the pair including the ratchet adjusting wrench on eBay today. Good luck bidding.

June 10, 2007: Update ... those worthless BAL Tire Locks sold on eBay for $80 ... glad to get my money back.

My chok of choice, RotoChok
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