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  Gwen's Version: Our Experiment
As Full Time RV'ers
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A forest fire can been seen in the distance at Howards Prairie
In the distance smoke can be seen from a forest fire at Lake Creek



September arrived, bringing cooler weather one day and 80-degree weather the next. The resort has been quiet except for the weekends. Bass seems to be biting much better than the trout. The trout are waiting for the weather to cool the water down before surfacing. Bass fishing hasn’t stopped the fishermen though.

My summer has been hectic. July was a very busy month for campers and the restaurant went through so many groceries I couldn’t keep up with the cook. Beside working many hours, company kept arriving each weekend to keep us busy.

I was ecstatic to have my grandchildren, Dustin and Courtney, come for a week. I tried an experiment and had one child per week. We had a wonderful time doing some one-on-one bonding. Every grandchild should have special time with their Grandmas!

  Courtney drying plates after catered dinner It didn't take much to get Courtney to work in the restaurant. Just the mention of a time card and a paycheck and she put on an apron to help with one of our catered dinners.
  Morgan, the Golden Retriever , didn't have to do much to get Courtney to throw the ball for her so she could go swimming. Courtney made this dog very happy! Courtney and Morgan playing at Howard Prairie Lake

Courtney got a big surprise before her visit with Nana - a bike and helmet. She rode her bike almost 24/7 around the campground. We hopped on our bikes on a hot July's day and rode the south end of the lake's bike trail. Nana could keep up with this young'n!

Courtney on her bike

Our visit was not complete until we had spaghetti at the Green Springs Inn's ‘all you can eat’ spaghetti night. We can hardly wait until Courtney visits us again at Howard Prairie Resort.

  Nana and Courtney at Green Springs Inn
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