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  October 21, 2005  

My first real vacation since we moved to Howard Prairie Resort was a special event. Lesa (my daughter), Courtney, Dustin (my grandchildren) and myself journeyed to Portland, Oregon to attend the Broadway production of the Lion King. Not only do the kids love the movie of the Lion King, but we wanted them to experience theater in a big way.


Our family at the Broadway production of  the Lion Kin


The play was BIG! The first scene of Act 1 was breathtaking. Pride Rock came alive as all the animals came to witness the new cub king, Simba. We had goosebumps from the enormity of this performance. The colors were so vivid and the costumes were ingenious. The music touched our soul and the dance grabbed our hearts. Certain characters became favorites like Rafiki with her African songs and humor and Zazu, the guardian and smart mouthed bird. This is one play you don't want to miss .


Our next stop, as we played tourist, was OMSI - Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Dustin and Courtney had plenty of things to keep them busy. Most of what was offered was hands-on, so they enjoyed a learning experience. We enjoyed a movie in the Omnimax Dome produced by Tom Hanks, Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon
The audience was reminded about all the missions to the moon. With a five-story domed screen and 30-degree, stadium seating, the OMNIMAX® Dome Theater is a cinematic experience unlike any other. Boy it was an experience. Dale and I hope to attend Polar Express during the holidays.

We took a tour of the submarine, U.S.S. Blueback. The kids saw how the men lived onboard. They were able to look through the periscope and steer the sub.






We left Portland for the Oregon Coast after all the fun we had at OMSI. We stopped in Lincoln City for a motel on the beach. The kids enjoyed rock climbing and wave running. As you can see by the picture, Mom and Nana had a blast feeding the seagulls out the motel window. The one legged seagull became our favorite and he devoured most of the loaf of bread we fed them.

As we drove down the coast highway 101, we stopped to take in as many sights as we had time for. Cape Foulweather, the first sighting of the Pacific Coast for James Cook in 1778 caught our attention because of the gift shop. In Newport, theYaquinta Lighthouse was a must see. We wanted the kids to experience a working lighthouse. The Yaquinta Lighthouse is five stories high with 104 steps leading up to the light. The last 6 steps take you into the light itself. Run by lard in the olden days, a bulb has replaced the old way of doing things. The lens are the same ones that were placed there in 1872.

Our vacation was a success - but only after watching a pod of Grey Whales off the point at Yaquinta Lighthouse. That made our day!

Yaquinta Lighthouse in Newport, Oregon
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