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  Gwen's Version: Our Experiment
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  What is it? Who is it?

The newest resident to Howard Prairie Resort has caused quit a stir! People are jelly-necking and grabbing for their camera’s trying to snap a photo of the hottest arrival in 40 years of Resort history. No, it isn’t the biggest fish caught in a decade this last June or the biggest bus to arrive with its air horn resounding through the forest. Its Paco!

  What’s a Paco,” you ask. Well, Paco evolved from one-half of a Kaiser roll and a piece of chicken that was cooked way too long to serve. One needs an understanding that when an order for a half a sandwich comes to the grill and that half a sandwich is to be on a Kaiser roll, what does one do with the other half of the Kaiser roll? Read further to answer this question. Paco!
  Jesse, the cook. Or is that inventor?

Jen and Jesse begin swapping the “Kaiser roll” with the waitresses at the Resort restaurant. In no time, someone stuck a mushroom on top of the roll. When a portion of chicken was discovered cooked way past done, it found its way inside the roll. Paco is launched into existence!!

  Okay, wait. At this point in time, not one of the kitchen staff had sugar plum dreams of what a Paco is. Paco's form took on the mood and attitude of one creative bunch of people! It’s Sunday night. There are many, many hours between 6 AM and 8 PM. People either get rummy and giggly or turn into complete snags. Well, this crew took the former path as you can tell by one of our waitresses. Jen egging Jesse on in creating Paco.
  Steph just saw other parts added to Paco! Now Paco is a female.

Steph turns, a startling scream is heard down the kitchen isle. Oh my, Paco is a female!

After much laughter and forging through the kitchen, Paco has a face, hair, shoes, a fishing pole, a bottle of beer and a name!


Paco is !

  Paco's friend Oh, did I mention Paco's friend! Yep, you got it. Another half sandwich made with a Kaiser roll!
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