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Adventure: Find George!
A Fulltime RV Traveler

May, 2005: George and Ms. Tioga have been working their way north toward the Oregon/California border. They are just too close to let them pass by without trying to meet them making our virtual friendship into a real friendship. But the adventure is how to catch them.
Klamath County Library, downtown Klamath Falls I'm checking my Internet in the morning and see that Mr. DataStorm is sitting in the middle of Klamath Falls, only 50 minutes driving from my resort home. I grab Gwen, Morgan, Gwen's laptop and my GPS and off we go in search of George, Ms. Tioga and my favorite, Mr. DataStorm. It's early afternoon and neither Gwen nor I have had anything to eat since breakfast. That's going to start to work on us. We rush to the Klamath County Library in downtown Klamath Falls to find where Mr. DataStorm is NOW.
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First, do they have wireless Internet so we can use Gwen's laptop, login and find Mr. DataStorm. No! But they do have "public Internet" on three computers "courtesy of Charter Cable and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" (I may have to take back all those bad things I've said about Windows). Whoa! What's the password?
Where is Mr. DataStorm now?
The clerk tells me the password is "timer" and I get 15 minutes. No problem. I found him in 3 minutes, Mr. DataStorm is only 6 blocks away
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so back to the car I run and away we go. To the exact location but Mr. DataStorm is no where to be seen. It's a laundromat! Do you know how much George likes to do laundry? So back to the library I rush. Type in "timer" and check again ... nope, Mr. DataStorm has not changed locations. Please Mr. DataStorm, login again!

Gwen is only half conscious now because she is so hungry. I DID promise to feed her so what does she want for dinner? OK, it's PIZZA. We can have pizza then run back to the library to see if Mr. DataStorm has

It's Pizza for dinner.
What cookies to buy George?

logged in again. Wow, was that pizza good!

We must go to the bakery next, you know how George loves those chocolate chip cookies. LOOK at all those cookies, which would George like best? Let's get the package with three different kinds of cookies, besides, they are on sale, they expire TODAY, that's OK, George won't notice, I'll pull the sale tag off.

Back to the library, I sure hope Mr. DataStorm has logged in again. How will we find him if he doesn't login?


Nope! Mr. DataStorm is still parked at the laundromat! What to do? You know how George loves water, he's probably parked out by the lake watching the Great White Pelicans, smelling the Klamath Lake and wondering why the water is sooo green. Let's drive to the lake, it's only 5 miles.

As we drive to the lake I'm watching all the parking lots and LOOK, it's Ms. Tioga and Mr. DataStorm!

Are you sure, asked Gwen? Look, it's Mr. Trek on the back too. Let's quickly get over to visit.

It's Ms. Tioga!
  George is at the theater

The whole team is here but George is gone. It's a theater parking lot. George has gone to see a movie. He hardly ever does that. How did he know where the theater was?

It wasn't long before George came walking across the parking lot with at BIG smile, just as I had expected. "Hello, George", I said, "I'm Dale". "Wow, How did you FIND me", he exclaimed. "You'll have to read about that in my next adventure story", I teased him. He met Gwen and Morgan too. The four of us sat and talked in his comfortable home while he introduced us to his whole team.

  Of course my favorite team member is Mr. DataStorm. Without him and Mr. Chips, we would not have found George. I think George liked the cookies too, he had one right away. You can click on the photo below to go directly to George's blog. Mr. DataStorm
  Dale, Gwen, Morgan, George and Ms. Tioga
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