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My RV Gadget: Trekking Poles

Click to learn What's New at RVeCafe About ten years ago my sister and I were backpacking in the Hoh Rain Forest in northwest Washington state. We passed a park ranger traveling in the opposite direction. The park ranger had what looked like two ski poles but they were trekking poles he was using to assist his hiking. It was something I had not seen before. I investigated further and discovered they were , not ski poles. Since discovering them, I've used trekking poles for backpacking and hiking on nearly any terrain. Yes, you use two of them, not one as you would a "hiking-stick". If you are into power walking or hiking, they will increase your endurance by at-least 10% and probably more (my estimation). There are two reasons, 1)they increase your stability because now you are not stumbling as much on Trekking Poles, they look like ski poles for dry land
Basket attachments for the trekking pole

uneven ground and 2)you can push with your arms as well as you legs just as you do when cross-country skiing.

I just have to admit that I stumble more than I use to while hiking and having the extra security of the trekking poles has been great.

The base of the pole is threaded so you can use different baskets. The smaller basket is used for general hiking while the point protector is used to cover the hiking point while on asphalt and rocks. You can also switch to a larger basket for snow or sand.

You will grip the handle the same way as a cross-country ski pole with your thumb over the strap to be able to apply downward pressure while swigging your arm. One last added

Grip the trekking pole like a cross-country ski pole

benefit is while hiking I've noticed that blood will accumulate in my lower arms and hands and they have a swollen feeling. If you are using trekking poles, that doesn't happen.

I purchased mine from Sierra Trading Post, the link in the first paragraph, but I've also given you a like to Recreational Equipment below which I also recommend.

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