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; A sturdy stabilizer block for landing gear and leveling jacks.

Making Recreational Vehicle Stabilizer Blocks

I was always searching for the right size support blocks to place under the rear stablizer jacks and the front landing gear or our fifth wheel. The loose boards would fly around the pickup bed. I have seen other fifth-wheel owners use 4 x 8" but I've noticed that they get wet, then warp in the direction of the grain. I chose to create my own "glue-lam" to reduce the warping.

I think you can find a use for these with any recreational vehicle. Everything you see here was on-hand except the handles. I suggest you modify what I've done to fit what you have on-hand. I began with 2x4" cut to 12" in length. Start with (6)2x4's x 12"
Use glue and screws to make a "glue-lam" I used two 3" screws and glue to secure each board to the next. A total of six boards wide. So it takes a total of ten screws for each support. I made four supports, two for the landing gear and two for the rear stabilizer jacks.
I've alternated the grain before glue and assembly to reduce the warping of the blocks. I've alternated the grain to reduce warping
  3/4" plywood is glued and screwed to two sides Glue and 1-5/8" screws are used to secure 3/4" plywood facing to two sides of the blocks.
Click to see What's New at RVeCafe This creates a very nice platform for the fifth wheel landing gear and stabilizer jacks to rest. Creates a nice platform for stabilizer jack base
  Round the edges using a router I used a router to round the edges to reduce the chance of splintering and splitting.
  I don't want water to be drawn into the end-grain of the 2x4's so I applied a liberal amount of primer to seal the ends. Primer is applied to stabilizer block supports
More Recreational Vehicle information:
Apply the final color coat The final color of exterior grade paint is applied once the primer has dried.
  I purchased "gate handles" at the local hardware store for easy transport. Handles are installed for easy transport
Two sets of leveling blocks March 9, 2008: I had some left-over 2 x 6s so decided to make some leveling blocks. If I park in an area that's not level, I can use one to four of these blocks to level the trailer. I've never had to use so many block to level the trail but decided I could use the four levels
to raise a flat tire by putting these under the tire not flat. I've painted the two set differently because the bolt holes do not match from one set to the other. The blocks assembled
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