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Supporting the RV Sewer Hose

This doesn't sound like a very exciting subject does it? If you haven't had to deal with sewer hose problems, you will if you begin the RV lifestyle. One of the problems is supporting the hose so all fluid continues down the hose an into the recepticle.
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Zip Ties Do you see the "slinky" style hose support in the photo. Well, it "stinks", at least this one does. It's either always to low or too high and once stretched out it wants to return to the compact position or it flips over dumping the hose from the trough. So don't waist your money
on something like this. I like the EasySlider sewer hose support. It compacts to about three feet and extends to ten feet. It will attach to the trailer with a short chain and I use zipties to support it for the rest of the length. I keep an assortment of ziptie lengths on-hand but none were long enough. If you look at the left and bottom margins of the ziptie photo, you will see that I connected two ties together to give me the length I needed. The EasySlider is compact enough for storage with a hose inside an outside storage tube too. I suppose I could use zipties to solve some of my problems with the "slinky" support but I don't have enough confidence in it to even try. It's going in the trash.
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