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Dale's Parents Visit July 8-11, 2005
Part 1

In July, my parents, Dale and Doris, are visiting from Lodi, California. Our RV Resort is a recreation and rest stop on their way to visit friends in the state of Washington and to attend a family reunion. My Father still drives his vintage motor home, no slides and it uses gasoline, not diesel. They have put many good miles and visited many friends using this motor home.
Click to see What's New at RVeCafe Of Course our first picnic is what we do next.

Of course we had to have a picnic lunch during their visit. This was our first time to use the picnic table outside. Note that we are still wearing coats.

During lunch we had a tiny visitor. Gwen bravely puts out her hand. Looks like those cheeks are full of crumbs.

A picnic visitor
  Which end is the working end? This was something I found hard to believe. I didn't know my Father knew what a vacuum was for.
  My Mother loved the breakfast I fixed her. My Father couldn't believe I did all the cooking. My Dad can't believe I could fix his breakfast
A 100 mile view I took them to a 100 mile view point. This is looking south toward Mt. Shasta and Northern California.
Looking south toward Mt. Shasta, only 10 miles from our resort
  Here it is, time for "women's work" ... Mom and Gwen are waiting on the laundry. Women's work: waiting on the laundry
  Men's work: waiting on dinner Men's work is to wait on dinner.
  Playing Chicken Coop dominos

In the photo above we had to introduce my parents to Chicken Coop Dominos, one of our favorite RV games. Dad liked it so much he had me order a game to be delivered to his brother in Washington.

Dad likes to race around in motorized shopping carts while grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping
Dad's favorite place to shop, Dairy Queen

This is my Father's favorite place to shop, Dairy Queen.

What a way to end a perfect day, see the photo below.

  A great way to end a day
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Gwen and I discovered Chicken Coop Dominos several month ago. I'm NOT a game person but this game is really fun.
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