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Another RV Problem Solution

Dirt Devil Vacuum Another full time recreational vehicle living problem which needed a solution was keeping the place clean with a portable yet powerful vacuum cleaner. I've owned this Dirt Devil vacuum for a very long time but did not believe it to be a solution to the problem but have changed my mind. This is an older model but a newer model is available and seems to offer these features and more.
Click to see What's New at RVeCafe This is what's called a "bagless" model meaning no paper bag to throw away. Instead there is a permanent cloth bag which staps around the motor easily with a rubber grommet. I usually take the bag off after each use, walk it into the woods and beat it against a stump to get all the fine dust out of the bag as you will see later. Clean Dust bag
  Hands and knees vacuuming If there is a draw-back to this model it is the "hands-and-knee" operation. It has a power brush to beat the carpet and/or floor for cleaning which works well. The advantage to the hand operation is that you are closer to the dirt so you can see what needs cleaner easier than if you were standing.
This model also comes with a hose and wand for cleaning the tight spots. Again, seems to work even though the size and price of this vacuum makes it seem like a "toy". The installation of the hose requires releasing the drive belt for the beater brush but this is relatively easy release and re-install. Corner vacuuming
  Clean stump Here is the stump I chose to clean the bag. I wanted to show you the "before and after" look.
This amount of dust, dog and cat hair was collected from just one vacuuming. My purpose for showing this was not to show how dirty we are but how good this Dirt from one vacuuming
  vacuum cleans. It is far better than the "toy" I expected it to be and as far as I'm concerned is the current solution to the vacuum problem I suggested above.
  I think this is the solution to the RV vacuum problem. It sure works for me. I found the newer model at Wal-Mart at a good price and invite you to investigate the better features and order from this link:
Dirt Devil Power Reach Hand Vacuum, Model No. M08245X
November 13, 2006: Last December, I purchased the Dirt Devil, compact, upright vacuum to do a better job on the carpet. It came with no hose, a carpet vacuum only. Since I had the Dirt Devil Power Reach above, I felt this was enough. Then, in October, I purchased the compact shop vac and threw away the Power Reach only to find out on the second time to use the shop vac, it broke. I took it apart and discovered it was a defective design (I highly recommend that you not purchase this vacuum). I did get a refund when I returned this vacuum. So my challenge is to find a vacuum with a hose. I first looked at many brands of canister vacuums and learned I was going to pay from $50 - $100 dollars for a simple vacuum. My philosophy is to purchase items which are multi-purpose so rather than have a carpet vacuum and a canister vacuum, I chose to

replace the Dirt Devil upright with another upright which has a hose and several attachments to get into corners. This time I chose the Bissell Upright Bagless Vacuum. The vacuum is also bagless with several filters to be sure no dirt is blown back into the room. All of the attachments are carried on the body of the vacuum.

This vacuum seems to have more power than the little Dirt Devil. The first time using the vacuum nearly filled the dirt bowel. What you see below is a before and after picture of cleaning the living area. You don't see the dirt below the dog hair, but there must be at least 1" of dirt in the bottom of the bowl.  

One of the attachments is a small power head which is used to vacuum pet hair from furniture, stairs and tight spaces. I also used it to clean the ceiling, especially over the ceiling fan where dust was beginning to show above the rotating fan blades. So far, I like this purchase.

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