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Midterm-Update of
RV Living Experiment
-Problems Which Need Solutions-

There are problems which need solutions. Some are more difficult or more expensive to solve than others. For example, I see keeping the carpets cleaned and unstained as much more serious than the same problem at home. We take our shoes off at the door, but still have dirty carpet problems. I realize it is difficult for Morgan and Annie to take their "shoes" off but having animals is not the whole problem. We use an electric powered, hand held vacuum to clean the carpet which is not as powerful as our home unit. I think a better vacuum cleaner might be a good solution but it would have to be small.
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We have stabilizer jacks at the rear of the trailer yet the trailer still rocks from side to side with almost any human or animal movement. The chocks have helped, but only from front to back, not side to side. I saw some attachments at the RV show which should solve that problem. If I get these attachments, I'll report on their value.

We have a skylight over the shower. This skylight is made of plastic so when it rains it sounds like a snare drum. Trying to sleep during the "drum roll" is nearly impossible for me and I can't sleep with earplugs because then I can't hear the alarm. I'm working on a solution for this problem and will let you know when I find something that works.

We need a different way to enter the fifth wheel. Even with the nice stepping platform I built, more of a deck-like platform is needed for a long stay. The fold-out stair system is OK for travel but with continued use in a permanent location, it feels unstable.

Not having access to the Internet must be solved. We have been exploring the idea of satellite Internet and see this as a better solution than cell phone Internet or depending upon WiFi connection. When we begin traveling I don't want to depend upon someone else to supply my Internet connection, I want to be a free as George.

Finally, we need to solve the lack of good cell phone contact. That may mean an external antenna or switching to a different cell phone provider. Once we get our satellite Internet, voice over IP might be a solution to this problem. I'm still trying to learn if VOIP is possible using a satellite dish.

I'm looking forward to solving these problems.

August 28, 2005: I must add another problem which needs a solution. It's the US Mail. I have tried to reduce the amount of mail by setting our charge accounts to electronic statements only but we still get enough mail to create a problem. The US post office has a policy of vacation hold for a maximum of 30 days. We left our home town of Grants Pass on April 14, 2005 so it has been much more than 30 days. I occasionally must visit Grants Pass for one reason or another so pick up the held mail and this has not been a problem until this last week. The clerk was "asked to talk with us" because we are "abusing the system". He suggested we get a PO Box, but that's not something I want to do. I don't know if it is possible to have the mail forwarded then cancel the forwarding in October. That might be a solution. I hope to keep the vacation hold going for the rest of this year then solve the problem before April of 2006 when we move back to Howard Prairie Lake Resort.
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