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Big Blue Picks up a Nail

September 8, 2005: My TV (Tow Vehicle in RV language) picked up a nail sometime this week in the left front tire. This was my new Dodge 4 x 4, CTD (Cummins Turbo Diesel .. also RV language) so it came with Michelin tires. I have enough miles on the Dodge to make it time to rotate the tires. I've done this before where you take your new vehicle to Les Schwab, they charge for the balance, then, in their words, the tires "are theirs". From then on, they will rotate or fix flats as if you bought the tires from a Les Schwab store.
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Do you know about Les Schwab? They set the standard in customer service! I first learned about Les Schwab nearly ten years ago. My son and I were in Tillimook, Oregon on a camping trip when the battery in his car failed. We drove into a Les Schwab store. While my son was pulling into a parking space an employee came running out of the store toward us. I figured we had parked in a reserved space for someone else. The service man wanted to know what we wanted, when we told him a battery, he said, "pop-the-hood". He quickly tested the battery and confirmed it was failing. We walked into the store and chose a replacement. The service man behind the counter ran my son's credit card and handed him his receipt. We turned to sit in a chair to wait for installation but noticed another service man was just closing the hood of the car and running in to let us know the job was done. "There must be something strange about this store" we thought. Later that year, remembering the service we got in Tillimook, I went to a Les Schwab in my home town of Grants Pass for new tires. I couldn't believe it, same thing, service men came running out the door to find what I needed. I've been a loyal Les Schwab customer ever since. The photo above was taken at the South Pacific Highway Les Schwab in Medford, Oregon this morning. I drove into the parking lot and could not get into a parking space before two service men were RUNNING out the door to find what I needed. I told them my left front tire was loosing air (I didn't know it had a nail until later) and that I needed a tire rotation. They had the truck onto jacks before I could hardly get out of the cab. In ten minutes, I was back on the road and still got to work 15 minutes early. Every Les Schwab store I've ever been to is this same way. They absolutely set the standard for customer service and because of that no other tire dealer touches my vehicles including my King of the Road.

Know the age of your tires
July 16, 2008: One of my readers forwarded an ABC news video concerning the danger of not knowing the age of your tires. I've always known that tires age and should be changed after six years even if there is plenty of tread on the tire but I've never known before this video how to tell the age of a tire. The video explains how to read the age and also illustrates the danger of an older tire. They also show how some companies will sell you a tire which is older than six years, perhaps by mistake but you, the consumer, need to check the age of the tires you buy and the tires you are running on your tow vehicle and trailer. The tire pictured above was manufactured the 49th week of 2007. Watch the video for other illustrations.
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