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A Visit from Four Grandkids
at the RV Resort

Playing 'guns' at the resort
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Courtney rides a bike August 17, 2006: All four of Gwen's Grandchildren are visiting this week. While visiting, their activities have been riding bicycles, eating, driving the boat, eating, tenting, eating, playing "guns", eating and we are going tubing soon.

Courtney and Dustin are from Klamath Falls, Oregon, their mother is Gwen's daughter Lesa.

Jacob and Melanie are from Boise, Idaho, their father is David, Gwen's son.

Melanie drives the boat Gwen rented a boat from the resort and each Grandchild got their turn driving it.
All four Grandchildren are non-stop talkers as Dustin illustrates. The quietest of the four is Jacob probably because he can't get a word into a conversation while Dustin, Melanie and Courtney are talking. Dustin never stops talking
Tenting behind the RV
August 18, 2006: How do you sleep four Grandkids when they visit the fifth wheel? Put all of them into a tent behind the RV. We filled the tent with blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, air mattress, flash lights and snacks then through the Grandkids in and zipped it closed. If possible, we would have shaken and stirred too. They also have another smaller tent where they through all their extra clothes. The Grandkids had fun in the tent while the Grandparents stayed sane in the RV.
Ice Cream August 19, 2006: Did I mention these kids like to eat. Everyone likes the softserve at the resort except Dustin. Hopefully those are just peace symbols he's flashing and not that he is wanting to be a gangster.
August 20, 2006: One of the benefits when working at the resort is the use of a rental boat at no charge. This boat came with a towable tube. Here is Jacob ... he doesn't have to hold on. Jacob
Courtney Courtney doesn't hold on either.
Melanie holds on some of the time. Melanie
Dustin Dustin makes a signal for more speed.
Gwen Of course Dale and Gwen must give this a try too. Dale was the only one to fall into the lake, then had to have help to get back onto the tube. Dale
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