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Installing Outdoor Decorative Lights on the RV


I can't believe it! I've stooped to my lowest level. I'm installing outdoor decorative lights onto my awning during the Independence day weekend. These "red pepper" lights have been sitting in my closet for months. Gwen bought them at first for home then we thought they might look nice around the RV. Other campers around us have pretty lights too so we thought we join the crowd.

Red Pepper Light string
Click to see What's New at RVeCafe Stringing the lights using clips

First question is, how do you attach the light string to the awning. I used small metal clips as might be used in a woodshop to hold two pieces of wood together while waiting for glue to dry. I clipped the wire to the part of the canopy which overhangs the roller. I happen to already have these clips on-hand. I don't believe clothes pins would be strong enough.

Gwen also bought a set of red, white and blue mini-lights. This set came with a female electrical plug at one end of the string and the male plug at the other. I used a standard household extension cord to reach the outside plug on my RV.

Gwen thinks this looks pretty "dorky" so I'm going to look for some more "red pepper" lights, I liked them.

The night view of lights
Outdoor 12 
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