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An Easy Fix for a Tall RV Cupboard

Click to see What's New at RVeCafe We have many cabinets and cupboards in our King of the Road fifth wheel. One of those cupboards is located above the refrigerator with the bottom of the cupboard at 7 feet. This is probably common in many types of recreational vehicles. I can just barely reach the door handle when standing at the kitchen floor level, making the cupboard unusable from the kitchen without a stool.
However, when standing at the bathroom level, the cupboard becomes accessible except that the left door swings into your face making only the far half of the cupboard reachable from the bathroom. Gwen and I decided this would make a great location for the towels if I made an easy modification.
  I could make the doors "bi-fold" rather than the standard "open to the left" and "open to the right".

When the doors are bi-fold you can easily store and retrieve towels in this area from the bathroom floor level.

I removed both doors and installed a piano hinge between them. I also removed the right door catch and reinstalled it on the far left side to give two catches on the left door.

This simple change made the cupboard easy to access and usable. We have no trouble with the door opening when traveling, perhaps because we store towels in this area.
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