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Games to Play While in an RV

2005 Delux CD-ROM set


Gwen and I have found many ways to entertain ourselves while RV traveling other than the outdoor activities, workamping, keeping up with Morgan and Annie, and the RV maintenance. Gwen and I will be adding all that we have found to this page as we have time to take the photos and write the descriptions. Check back, I think you will really like this first suggestion.

Online jigsaw puzzles are one of my favorite online places to visit. I've played with it for 4-5 years and it has improved in that time. There are literally thousands of electronic jigsaw puzzles to construct. As a computer teacher, I used to have students who had trouble using the mouse use this location to gain "mouse-control". You may choose different sizes of puzzles for each photo and as the correct pieces are drawn close together, they snap together. The GREAT feature to this site is that you can add your own photos then email them to a friend in puzzle form using an electronic "postcard". Try this one above to learn how to find more and create your own.

Grappa-DelayedTrace is an easy to use artistic creation tool where no talent is required. You simple move your mouse over the area to create designs then click the mouse to erase and begin again. If you happen to draw something you really like and want to save it, one method to accomplish this is to press the "PrtScn" button on the right-top of your keyboard. Then open Microsoft Paint>Edit>Paste. Crop your drawing using the paint commands as you wish then save as any file type available to Paint. Have fun.


The Amazing Dare-Dozen is a game played only with a click of the mouse. You wonder whatever happened to your dozen eggs as you learn to play this game. Since they are virtual eggs, you won't have to worry about cleaning up the mess. My first time to play this game got me a score of 30. But I showly began to improve and now my high score is 160. Gwen has already been above 200. I've got too many Webpages to write to spend the time getting my score much higher. It is still a fun game to play when you need to take you mind off "house-work".

Moving a dozen eggs

  The SodaConstructor is a different kind of activity for a rainy day inside an RV. If you liked the old Gilbert Erector Sets, Tinker Toys, gluing pop-cycle sticks or soda straws together or just
SodaConstructor mechanical things, this is the Website for you. It is possible to spend hours constructing and de-constructing a mechanical mechanism into different shapes or activities. You can also check out what others have done in the soda-zoo plus upload your own creation. Be sure to check the many files and paragraphs of instructions.

Here is some great practice for driving your RV in heavy traffic. Score points by missing collisions and my colliding with the black sedans (smash cars). Multi-levels, start with "easy". Click the Crash graphic at the right to find the game.
Game of Crash
Hangman This one you already know how to play. It is the traditional "hangman". I wasn't even able to win on a four letter word. Good luck on your guesses. Click on the Hangman graphic to go to the site.
This is CubeField ... it is only a two finger game but I've played it several times and found that it will take some practice and quick action to get good at it. This will give your practice for dodging that load of bricks that just dropped in front of your RV while driving at 60MPH on the interstate.
Scrapper Caper Do you like the style of game where your little figure must seek rewards to advance to the next level? In Scrapper Caper, this little man must climb the scaffolding looking for his missing lunch. Each level presents new challenges. I've played this a couple of times and find that it will take some coordination to get this little construction worker to his lunch. At least no one dies in the process.
Ok ..just in time for all the snow in the east, here is a way to lose a snowball fight without actually getting clobbered. The game is called Snowcraft.
Become famous with signs August 3, 2006: Here is a site that was sent to me by one of my instructors at the college. There are many photos to choose from where you can enter your own text and that text will appear on signs, jersey's, decals, and various other situations and activities. Once you have created your photo, right click the photo and "save as" to a drive on your computer. Forward to your friends, use in your email or just have fun with all the different choices. By the way ... this site is in German, but don't let that discourage you, you can figure out what needs to be done to make the photos interesting. Click here to have fun.
May 30, 2007: Although this is not a game, you will have hours of entertainment and knowledge building when you visit Animated Knots by Grog This is an incredible find on the Internet for anyone who wants to know how to make practical or decorative knots. The site is so well done it would also be a great place to send the grandkids to learn to make knots. Each knot is photographed one step at a time and you just click through the steps to see the making of the knot. What great fun and very useful too. Learn to make 110 different knots
Biggification June 3, 2007: Here is a mindless game to keep your eye hand coordination sharp. Small orbs appear and grow. Your job is to capture these orbs before they touch each other. You gather points when you capture the orbs and even more points if you capture orbs of the same color in a row. The points add up quickly but you must get faster at the capture as the game goes on.
June 15, 2007: Here is a great example of viral marketing (I teach Internet Marketing for Rogue Community College). Gwen's friend emailed her this link to EvanAlmighty Round Up. She played it for a few minutes then emailed the link on to about a dozen of her friends. The movie does no open in the theaters until June 22. Her friends are likely to email it to a dozen of their friends and so-on. What great free advertising for the movie. That's viral marketing. It's a fun, simple game to click the animals to load into the Ark by pairs before they get away. It gets more difficult as the number of pairs multiply. EvanAlmighty the game
Click for crossword puzzles June 24, 2007: I don't play crossword puzzles, I just don't have the time or talent. On the other hand, you may love crosswords. Click the crossword to find thousands to play online.

Novemeber 6, 2007: Here is another online game site for a very popular game. Since you are playing online, you will be playing with sometimes hundreds of other bingo enthusiasts. Click HEY! Bingo to enter. HeyBingo
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