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  Gwen and Dale on a Sea Kayak trip in British Columbia Dale and Gwen met in the late 90's in an adventure singles group. Since they were both very active and outdoors kind-of-people they were naturally attracted to each other and became married in 2000. These pages show how they continue to do outdoor activities, travel and care for their dog Morgan and cat, Annie. This photo was taken at an island resort off the coast of British Columbia during a sea kayak trip. We actually owned our first RV during this trip but had to leave it at home because of the number of ferries we had to take and because we needed to travel quickly.
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Sea kayaking was one of the first new adventures for us which we learned together. We could travel with our sea kayaks while pulling our little Aerolite Seven travel trailer with our Dodge Durango. During our British Columbia trip we learned to appreciate the very hospitable Canadians and we enjoyed their BC islands. Every day was a new adventure. We learned to really appreciate our travel trailer because we spent a week paddling from island to island while camping in our backpack tent and cooking over our one burner stove.

We also enjoy bicycling so it was often a challenge to fit both kayaks and bicycles into the trip. We have still not solved that problem with our new truck and fifth wheel but we will come up with a solution and you will see what that is as we develop this adventure Web site.

Our sea kayaks aboard one of the many BC Ferries
Our first RV, a 21 ft. Aerolite Seven Gwen is new to long distance cycling. I have ridden many thousands of miles and completed many century rides (100 miles in a day) and expect to continue with this wonderful sport.
  The very first riding we did together was on our Santana tandem bicycle. Riding a high performance tandem can be a great deal of fun especially if the two riders are of different abilities. This allows the riders to stay together and enjoy the trip as a couple rather than two Our Santana Tandem Bicycle
  Gwen and her mother

single bikes. After riding for a couple of years we chose to trade the tandem for two kayaks and begin a new sport.

Gwen and her Mother, Bonnie, are pictured on one of the many nature trails in southern Oregon. We learned to "geocache" using our GPS, something Bonnie and Morgan were able to enjoy with us. Bonnie died about three weeks after this photo.

During the 2004 summer we were able to join my sisters and

our parents on a trip through Missouri to visit my Mother's home town. We rented a large SUV to fit my brother-in-law Ed (from the left), sister Sandy, Mother Doris, Gwen, myself, sister Dorana and my Father, Dale plus all our luggage. This was a week long trip along western Missouri were we survived the tourist attractions and Traveling in Missouri
One of our many hikes along the Rogue River

each other very well. The weather was pleasant and the state was surprisingly green and the people were enjoyable.

Grants Pass is on the Rogue River so we are able to enjoy many hikes along the wild and scenic Rogue. Rafting is another popular sport on the Rogue along with the jet boat trips.

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