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Replacing the RV Thermometer

  Each day I take a temperature reading from the Taylor thermometer showing the minimum-maximum temperature for the day. These temperatures are shown on the "What's New" page and explained on the weather page. I've recently discovered that the Taylor thermometer can't be trusted. I've observed high temperatures of 3-4 degrees more than is shown by the marker which should remain in place to mark the maximum temperature. I assume the same is happening with the minimum temperature. There have also been times where the markers would not reset. The button is pushed but the markers Taylor Minimum/Maximum Thermometer
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move to another setting when the button is released. For those reasons I am replacing the Taylor thermometer with something else. I purchased it at a nursery, perhaps gardeners don't care if there minimum-maximum reading are 3-4 degrees off each day but I do care. I can't recommend this thermometer for this purpose.

I've also reported on the electronic alarm I purchased for the RV. It seems to work fine for the alarm function and also accurately reports indoor and outdoor temperatures. It also has a minimum-maximum function which has never worked more than 3-4 days so this was not an alternative to the

  Taylor thermometer. This second weekend of August, I purchased the Radio Shack Model 63-1026 wireless indoor-outdoor thermometer to give more accurate temperature readings. This unit cost considerably more than either the Taylor or electronic alarm above. Radio Shack 63-1026
  Outdoor/wireless transmitter I've kept the box and receipt just in case it also turns out to be defective. It has a memory function which shows the minimum-maximum temperatures for the day. So far I'm pleased with the way it works. The upper temperature is the outdoor temperature while the lower temperature reading is the inside reading. The two readings,
  the temperature on the remote and the reported outside temperature on the inside unit, don't match because I took the photos at two different times of the day. Otherwise, I've checked them, they do match when viewed at the same time of day. I've mounted the remote unit under the bedroom in front of the fifth wheels so I will always have it with me where ever I travel.
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