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Replace 30 Amp RV Plug

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November 21, 2006: Somehow the 30 amp RV plug which supplies the main power to our 5th wheel became overheated and shows damage. I cut the plug off the wire and exposed the three wires to replace this plug. Damaged 30 amp RV Plug
Replacement Plug The replacement plug was pretty expensive ($22) and not easy to find. The hardware stores did not have them. I found one at a local RV supply store. I could have purchased one of the yellow handled plugs but since many RV boxes have closing lids, I did not want the handle to interfer with the lid.
Wiring a prong Wiring the plug
The prongs on this plug are removable and can be secured to the wire while removed from the plug. This makes wiring much easier. The prongs are placed back into the plug when wired. The directions show where each of the wires are attached. This heavy wire is difficult to deal with so the whole project took about 45 minutes. Completed 30 amp RV plug repair
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