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What does one do on a "Snowday"?

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February 28, 2007: Yesterday was a "snowday" at the college. I was already in my office when I learned the rest of the college was closed. I continued to work for a couple of hours. What does one do for a snowday when you arrive home? I first stopped at the Applegate store for a cinamon roll then noticed the Applegate bridge during the storm. I snapped this photo, the bridge is only a mile from our trailer. Applegate bridge in a snow storm
View from the bedroom window The view from our bedroom window, note the exit sign, showing the large snowflakes. The snow is wet and about 6 inches deep.
This is perfect snow for a snowman. Neither Gwen nor I have built a snowman in forty years so it's time. Let's build a snowman
The snowman gets a face THe snowman gets some feet
New hat and gloves make the snowman I started with a baseball cap but Gwen felt a snowman needs a winter hat. Gwen makes the face while I create feet. The snowman gets a scarf and a button shirt. Morgan made doggie angels. She thought the snow was perfect for rolling.
But my favorite thing to do is to relax and read "Trailer Life" articles next to the heater and my dog. Now if I can just get Gwen to bring me a snack. Then it's time for a nap, it was hard work making a snowman.
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