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Hat Creek Rally: 2008
Escapees, Chapter 47
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Hat Creek California Camping
July 17, 2008: Gwen and I take our tent to Hat Creek, California for camping with the Escapees Chapter 47 group at the Hat Creek Hereford Ranch RV and Campground. We are able to spend only two nights so it's far too much trouble to bring the trailer and we've learned to be comfortable in our little tent. This is the time of year that it is very warm even in the mountains of northern California. The daily high was in the low 90's and mid-50's at night.
As you drive into the park, the store greets you and asks that you stop to check in. Our tent site was $25 per night plus tax which seems high to me but we were given a campsite on grass which made camping much more comfortable than last week. Note the "A" frame construction, this area gets good amounts of snow during the winter. We have not been to this park before but learned it is a popular park, especially this weekend. Hat Creek Hereford Ranch Store
This is a working ranch
Hat Creek Hereford Ranch is a working ranch. This looks like great Alfalfa and this mower makes quick work at cutting it.
Chapter 47 is good at spontaneous visiting Chapter 47 is good at spontaneous visiting where ever there is shade. This is space 80 which we must remember because it will be the best tent space when we return next year.
Antique tractor in the park California gas and diesel prices are more than Oregon
One of the few drive through sites

The park has antique farm equipment scattered around. The covered area behind the tractor is where the annual Hat Creek barbeque happens.

Take a look at those California fuel prices.

The photo to the left is one of the drive through RV sites with some of the Chapter 47 motorhomes in the distance.

You can't have a Chapter 47 rally without a pot luck. Of course you must have a pot luck
Road trip in the hat creek area Gwen, Morgan and I took a trip around Hat Creek valley and found a zoo of huge steel animals.
Gwen and Morgan find a giant steel spider in the valley. Gwen and Morgan attacked by a giant spider
A yard art store in Burney

On our travels we found an interesting second hand store with many (mostly) metal items.

We also found a nice view of a waterfall on the Pitt River near Fall River Mills.

Pit River Falls
Craft Fair at Hat Creek

Saturday was the day for the annual Hat Creek barbeque which is a fund raiser for the Hat Creek Volunteer Fire Department. Part of the day included a craft fair also at the RV park.

The deep pit barbeque begins with a "deep pit". Wood is piled into the pit and set on fire to create the hot coals to cook the roasts.

The pit barbeque Filling the pit with wood
Tossing in more firewood Hot coals in the pit
Building support for the barbeque Roasts wrapped in aluminum foil and burlap
The pit is buried for cooking the meet all night Slicing the barbeque
A frame work is created over the pit with metal roofing placed over the frame work. The roasts are wrapped in aluminum foil then burlap and set on top of the roofing. Everything is buried and left over night. The meat is very tender and easy to slice. Folks line up ahead of opening to get the first slices. In line for the barbeque
What the barbeque looks like

The meal is only $9 and they pile the food on the plate. The meat is so tender it's easy to get a bite onto the fork.


Keeping the dust down

Ice cream was a dollar per large scoop. The water truck keeps the dust under control.

This is the final view of our tent site before breaking camp. The view is of the ranch fields behind the RV park.

Our campsite overlooking the ranch

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