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Kaia the City Dog
Visiting the Mountains in a Rented RV

Hello! I'm Kaia, a city dog visiting the Oregon mountains for the first time. I brought Joe, Dale's son, my dog friend Tahoe, Joe's dog, and my master Kim with me. I've never had such a stressful vacation. I live in Roseville, California. It was a long drive, about 6 hours to get to Howard Prairie Lake Resort. This isn't like home at all. There are so many smells, noises and bugs here in Oregon. At home I have a great big house with a swimming pool with a Kaia door just so I can go outside into my own safe yard anytime I want. There was NO Kaia door in the Howard Prairie Schooner I stayed in. Since I have a small bladder I must pee three times each night. No Kaia door means that I had to wake

Joe, Dale's son, Tahoe, Kaia and Kim
Click to see What's New at RVeCafe Kaia helps Kim and Joe with Pepper
  This better be heated like my pool at home!

Joe or Kim each night to take me outside. I wasn't about to go outside by myself anyway ... it's not safe out there. Dale said there were Grizzly Bears outside who looked at me like Joe looks at a "Pepperoni Pizza".

The ride to Oregon was great because I got to drive Joe's new 2005 Ford F150 Lariat pickup. It has cool leather seats and best of all, a Pioneer sound system with satellite radio. Cool tunes means one HAPPY Kaia. Dale was being obnoxious about it since he owns a big Dodge turbo diesel. Joe's pickup has tow hooks under the front bumper. Dale was jealous because his Dodge didn't have such cool hooks so he kept joking with Joe about connecting to them to tow the Ford with his Dodge.

I'm a swimming dog! Kim bought me a really nice PFD (that's "personal floatation device" .. some people call them a life-jacket) just to be sure I

didn't sink into Howard Prairie Lake. We went sailing in Pepper, but the wind died completely so we went swimming while waiting for the wind to return. I didn't have to work very hard swimming since I was wearing my PFD. It was a pretty warm day so I was happy to cool off in the lake. Kim and Joe joined me. It was relief in more ways than one since I'm sure all three of us relieved our bladders in the lake too.

I've never seen so many bugs. I don't think bugs stay in California any more, they've left for Oregon because of the high taxes.

Ready? Hit it! The waterski dog.
It's about time you two got in with me.
The morning of the day we returned to California, the bees were bothering us at breakfast. They didn't seem to bother anyone except Joe and Kim. I think Dale has lived in Oregon long enough he doesn't even notice them. On the walk back to our schooner, Kim was stung and Joe had to remove the stinger. I'm sure glad it was her and not me. I doubt Joe would have kissed ME the way he "kissed-it-better" for Kim.
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