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Mother's Day: 2006

Courtney and Dustin in the bow of a Prairie Belle
Click to see What's New at RVeCafe May 14, 2006: This is Mother's Day and Gwen must work the afternoon shift at Howard Prairie Resort Restaurant. We had just enough time in the morning for a great breakfast at the restaurant, then took a Prairie Belle for a quick tour of the lake. One of the perks when working at the resort is free use of a boat. This was something the Grandkids Captain Courtney plus Grandma
Dustin Enjoying the ride
Courtney enjoying the ride

enjoy and requested so off we went. First, Dustin and Courtney had to try out the bow of the boat. Then Courtney took over as captain while Grandma gave her advice and helped with the throttle.

Then is was Dustin's turn so Courtney enjoyed the waves while Dustin controlled the boat.

One of our first destinations was a quiet cove on the opposite side of the lake. The crew thought they had discovered a lost anchor but discovered the anchor rope was tied to a concrete block, probably for an overnight sailboat. We put the block and anchor rope back where we found it. Once before we found a lost anchor and returned it to the Howard Prairie Resort Marina and felt like heros. No such luck this time.
Gwen, Lesa, Courtney and Dustin on Mother's Day, 2006
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