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September 16, 2007: Morgan decides to lead a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. This time it will be northeast of Howard Prairie Lake, a 3 mile hike to Big Spring from the Keno Access Road, 6 miles round trip with 1,000 feet of climbing. This trail continues around Mt. Baldy. Morgan takes Dale for hike on the Pacific Crest Trail
Keno Access road to Big Springs, 6 miles round trip
Morgan leads the way Wasp nest the size of a volleyball
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Toward our goal of Big Spring Our hike took us within a few feet of a volleyball size wasp nest, large black wasps. When you enlarge, note the entry hole in the bottom right of the nest, a wasp is about to enter. We also came across a note marked with three rocks on the trial. Click the photo to read the note. Further on down the trail we came across the sign described in the note and followed the directions to the spring. Click the sign to enlarge.
The spring is guarded with a gate, I'm not sure why the gate, it seems to be for cattle. The trail to the spring has been recently improved with a wood deck trail to the spring of what would normally be a muddy area around the spring. You can click this photo to enlarge. Morgan instructs me to open the gate
Looks like we better not drink from the spring Here it is ... BIG SPRING
Morgan finds enough water to cool off Morgan was able to find enough water to lay in a small pool to cool off and get a refreshing drink. We were surprised by the size of "Big Spring", this 1.5 inch ABS pipe seems to be most of the water coming from the spring. This is the end of summer so I assume there is more water in the spring, perhaps the reason for the wood deck trail.
At the end of the wood deck trail, you'll find the spring. You can see from all the mud on Morgan, she has found several wet pools to lay in. She didn't care for the water I set out for her, she preferred the spring water. This is where I broke out the nectarine I packed in and sliced it up for a snack while Morgan played in the wet grass and mud. We both enjoyed the hike even if the spring wasn't so BIG. You can click this photo to enlarge. The spring is to our right

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