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North Fork of the American River

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Mindy and Gunner are near the Auburn Ravine Bridge on the American River
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February 23, 2008: A week ago I was in Auburn, California to celebrate my Father's 85th birthday. While visiting my daughter, Mindy and son, Joe also came to visit with their Grandfather. We spent some time on the North Fork of the American River in the Auburn Ravine. Mindy and Gunnar are playing near the river under the Foresthill Bridge. This is the highest bridge in the state of California at 730 feet above the river bed. It was built in 1971 and opened in 1973, spanning the North Fork of the American River between Auburn and Foresthill. Pedestrians can walk the bridge in both directions. The bridge was made famous in the movie xXx when the character Xander Cage is seen driving a stolen red Corvette off the bridge then parachuting to his accomplices below.
Mindy and Gunnar at the North Fork of the American River
Dale, Gunnar, Morgan, Gwen and Joe explore the edge of the North Fork of the American River. It was at Sutter's Mill on the American River where gold was discovered in 1848 which began the Joe, Gwen, Dale, Morgan and Gunnar explore the American River
Gwen, Dale and Morgan pose next to the North Fork of the American River California gold rush. This part of the American river is between the towns of Auburn and Foresthill. The Auburn dam was begun but never finished near this area due to controversy over the ecological damage from the dam and the distruction of another California wild river and the loss of whitewater rapids. Morgan was very excited to go for a swim, but we made her stay out of the water because we
were traveling in my parents car, not our pickup truck. This was the celebration of my Father's 85th birthday. Joining the celebration are Gwen, Morgan, Doris (my Mother), birthday boy-Dale, Mindy (my daughter), Joe (my son) then myself. We are standing on the road overlooking the American River and looking up at the Foresthill bridge. You can click any photo to enlarge. Here is the family birthday photo for my Father's 85th birthday.
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