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RV Gadget: Rachet Knob & Extension

There are times when I need a quick easy method to tighten or loosen small bolts are screws. The clever answer is a 1/4" drive rachet knob and 2" extension to fit 1/4" drive socket accessories. Accessories such as the bolt/nut drives which
  came with the kit plus phillips and square screw drives which I purchased separately. I think I've owned this little gadget for 20 years. The case is about 4 inches long so it stores easily in a drawer or tool tray and can be carried easily in a pocket. The
knob does not offer much leverage but with small bolt and screw diameters, I don't often need much leverage. You can see that the top of the extension is designed to fit a 1/2" wrench if more leverage is needed. I
  purchased this little kit from Brookstone. Brookstone is one of my favorite places to check at least once each month for their electronic and mechanical gadgets such as this one. I have no idea if this little gadget is still available but there are always hard to find tools at Brookstone.
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