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Kingpin Stabilizer

  Bipod Kingpin Stablizer
I use a bipod kingpin stabilizer rather than the tripod style. The main reason, I got a good deal on a used bipod and thought I would give it a try before paying $100 for a tripod. Since I use the between-the-wheel style chock, I did not feel the need for a tripod since this style chock stops all movement fore and aft. Note that I have wood blocks under the feet. I don't believe it is possible to put a significant amount of weight onto the bipod using the jack handle so I raise the trailer a bit high, bring the bipod up snug then lower the landing gear enough to put significant weight onto the bipod. I believe this stops all side to side movement in the bedroom area. It does not stop side to side movement in the rear which is still a problem which needs a solution. I don't believe you can buy this style stabilizer new but it is possible to get the tripod king pin stabilizer. icon
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