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Marina at Howard Prairie

We are staying at Howard Prairie, 22 miles east of Ashland, Oregon. It is April, which means the weather is still “winter” here with signs of spring, daffodils and wildflowers, poking their heads up to the sun. Nights can get very, very cold!

Our site has only a 20 AMP service. This means we can’t microwave popcorn and run an electric heater at the same time. We haven’t popped a breaker yet, but the refrigerator tells us there we are running on low wattage by flashing a message! We have had to alternate using computers, heaters, water heater source, the radio and TV. This sounds like a big inconvenience, but actually, we are working very well with our limited electricity.
Morgan, the Golden Retriever, loves to roll in the snow.
Snowy times at HP

Our rig is 32 feet long. Considering we moved up from a 19-foot trailer, the room we now have is massive. I still have places that are not completely packed with stuff. Talking about stuff, it is amazing what you learn to do without and not mind! I thought this would be a big obstacle in not living “at home” but we are learning to compensate.

So far, this RV living isn’t bad at all. Home is where the dog lives, right?

I find that keeping the rugs clean can become a chore, especially when one has a dog and cat. We have a hand held Dust Buster and that picks everything up. We put green grass out with a rubber welcome mat and a stiff welcome mat to get our shoes free of debris but we still track in pine needles. Of course, we need to teach the animals to wipe their paws! Annie the Cat

Speaking of animals, I came home from work, tired and hot. After I was here a bit I felt another presence in the RV. I knew that Morgan was with Dale and Annie, the cat was outside. Upon searching, I found a chipmunk hiding in the dog’s bed. Now, what to do?
I made barricade path to the door, but the rascal ran under the recliner. I got the broom out and tried to coax it the next 3 inches to freedom. Well, the chipmunk was having none of that and climbed up inside the chair.
I thought he had run for the hills until I heard another squeak while I was moving the furniture to see if he was gone. I had another “Now what” moment.
The light bulb came on and the chair was pushed outside to rest cockeyed on the steps.
By the time Dale came home, the critter was gone. We have since closed the hatch so Annie can’t come in and out and she was talked to sternly about bringing friends home without permission.

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