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RV Vent Cushion Vent Cover

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The pillow style Vent Cushion can do much more that just block unwanted light for those late sleepers. That's how we first used them when purchased for our little Aerolite Seven. Lately we have been doing mostly cool weather camping
so I have used these pillow vent covers to help keep the cabin warm. If you've done cool weather camping you know that moisture can build inside the cabin and condense on the windows and everything else. I've found that since I installed the MaxxAir roof-top rain-vent covers, I can leave the vents open all the time. I still install the pillow vent covers but I think this helps to reduce the amount of moisture accumulating in the cabin. Perhaps is osmosis. So the vent on the top side of the pillow is open but the heat (hopefully) is trapped by the pillow but allows at least some of the moisture to escape through the open vent. Now, we have done no camping in hot weather but I expect that these pillow vent covers will help keep the heat out while the air conditioning is running.
  Of course these cushions have a zipper on the side to make them easy to launder the covers if they get dirty. These aren't very expensive. We bought ours on sale at Camping World.
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